Can't add exchange account on EMC with W11

Windows 11, Exchange account.
When I try to add an exchange account, there is some kind of online verification with Microsoft that asks me whether I trust EmClient as an app. When I say ‘Yes’, then I come back in the setup screen of EMC on which I can hit the ‘Finish’ button. But then the verification screen of Microsoft pops up etc etc. After looping for 25437 times, I quit and called Microsoft. They say the reason is that EMC is not a trusted app, so it won’t be able to add an Exchange account on a Windows 11 machine. He also said to me that EMC must change the app, so it will be compatible with Windows 11.

So, my question: is this correct or do I have to change something (what?) in my config?

eM Client is compatible with Windows 11, but this is a restriction imposed by Microsoft on using oAuth with some account types. It is something they should change, but maybe they want to discourage non-MS apps. If you need to use Exchange, there is a registry setting you can change so it does not use oAuth and that should work.

It is the same setting I described here: Office 365 login, Unusual Browser error - #19 by Gary

Once you have added the registry value, setup the account again.

No. It is something emClient should provide as an option. Telling people to mess with registry changes to bypass Microsoft’s security protocols is not a good idea. The next windows update could easily make a change that stops this kludge from working.

Will emClient offer oAuth and thus become compatible with Microsoft’s - and probably others - preferred security protocol?

eM Client fully supports oAuth, but, if the server you are connecting to has this disabled from some apps, there is nothing the application can do except to use another form of authentication. Because we do not offer the user a choice during the setup, the setup fails.

So the registry change tells eM Client when setting up the account to use username/password instead regardless of what the server says it offers. Once the account is setup, you can remove the registry entry.

There is no security loss.

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Thank you for correcting my misunderstanding and explaining more fully. Why can’t emClient simply offer the option of username and password instead of simply failing?

ok, thank you! I am going to try this solution.