Cannot send mail smtp settings

My outgoing email has always worked fine using a pop account however my email provider (Godaddy worksspace email) recently migrated over to an office365 server and setting up my account using is not working, it seems rejecting my credentials.
My outgoing server settings are:
Port 587
Force usage SSL/TLS
Server requires authentication
use credentials

Funny thing is that I can set up my account on my phone with these settings and don’t have a problem.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all!

There are a number of postings re: Godaddy and office365 discussed in this forum. Do a search (upper right-hand side) for GODADDY. Perhaps you will find a solution while waiting for someone with more knowledge of the subject comes online.

They might have been in the middle of migrating over to OAUTH 2.0., see here and here.