Cannot retain theme edits, they don't get saved

I started using em Client last week.

I have made edits to the theme, saved them (not sure if correctly) and after I shut down the program and restart it all edits are gone.

I tried again today only editing the slider, simple edit but it will not save.

In edition, I tried to change Themes, but I am unable to do so.

I have viewed threads and suggestions on this topic and I cannot get the problem resolved.

You have to “save the theme after modification” and then “load that theme” back into themes.

So once you have saved your theme, go to “Menu / Settings / Appearance / Themes”. Then scroll right to the bottom and click the “Import” button and select your saved theme.

You will then see your saved theme appear at the bottom of the themes in eM Client. Lastly click on your saved theme and click apply and save.

Then close and reopen EM Client and it should be there permanently.

Ctberzork Thanks! I have been participating in Forums for over 25 years and I cannot figure out how to put a reply in below your post, this is a very strange format. Sparx