Cannot authenticate Gmail account for initial setup - JavaScript issue

Just installed em Client 6.0.22344.0 and am trying to setup synchronization with my gmail account.  I go to tools, accounts, enter my email, and password and then it just gives me a white screen with the message “You’ve reached this page because we have detected that Javascript is disabled in your browser. The page you attempted to load cannot display properly if scripts are disabled.
Please enable scripts and retry the operation or go back in your browser.”

I have perused the forums and found references to this issue with no clear solutions.  I have checked my IE settings (IE 11) and all javascripting is enabled. Tried logging into gmail in IE before trying to complete setup.  Always get the same message about javascripting.

I was really hoping this would work but I am a little hesitant if I can’t get through a simple setup.

Hello Eric, if this message is displayed, you have to enable JavaScript for your browser (most importantly IE, as this is the browser eM Client is using for online communication). Unfortunately if this is displayed there’s no other solution for the problem other than making sure scripting is enabled.

Try to follow these instructions on how to make sure JS is enabled in your browser.

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Have the same problem and tried the above but still has same message.Is there any other way?Why does it use IE?

I feel your pain Eric & Jennifer. I have the same problem. Apparently, so do many other people. I hope eM Client gets the problem fixed.

I DO have Java enabled in IE and this problem persists. I tried rebooting, reinstalling etc. with no luck.  

This is a program that I need to rely on for my consulting business and I cannot waste time with problems like this so I have to go back to Thunderbird which although clunky - it works.  If em gets this figured out I will try them again but based on what I have read from users and the responses from the techs, this is one problem they have not figured out.

I hope they get it figured out as it looks like good piece of software i also now went thunderbird option

I like TBird for the most part but I believe they stopped supporting it and I can’t get it to stop synchronizing with my calendars every time I wake up my PC - the synch makes TBird unuseable for 5 minutes. Other than that the email works great and I love the synch with the google calendars.  I was hoping that em could do that without the synching issues.

Hello Jacques, IE is the default browser for the application as the application is built on the .NET framework using some of the core system features of IE, thus it’s important to enable Javascript for IE rather than your default browser.

Please make sure you have the option enabled using these instructions, .

Hope this helps,

You clearly dont read comments i have done as this has said and still same problem i have also seen other people have also  tried your method and still no success.I am done now with em but let me know if you have sorted out this

Hello, please note that vast majority of users are not having any issues with this, this is a browser feature, so unless scripting is enabled in IE for other applications you won’t be able to go through the authentication in eM Client, if your javascript is disabled for some reason you could only workaround this by setting up an IMAP/SMTP account only with your gmail account, which would disable your ability to synchronise contacts and calendars as these require you to authenticate using this option.

Unfortunately this is an externally loaded content dependant on your browser ability to display this.

Hope you understand,

I am having this problem all of a sudden now as well. Although not with an initial setup, I’ve had the client set up for almost a year, and through yesterday afternoon it was working fine. but last night and today, I am getting the same error message about java scripts. I have verified that java scripts are enabled in ie, that ie is up to date, and when I go to the java website suggested above, I get a message confirming that java is enabled from the website itself.

sorry, but your explanation is not legitimate. there is another problem that is causing it.

I had exactly the same problem. After checking and installing the latest relevant system updates everything runs well. 

Hello Tia, sorry to see this, if everything seems to be setup properly, it’s quite odd that the application still displays the message, please make sure that all system updates are installed and that your .NET framework is updated to it’s latest release, what version do you currently have installed, can you please check in the list of installed programs under Control Panel?


Did anyone manage to find a solution to this? I am trying to test eM Client as a possible replacement client for my work email, but I cannot get past it telling me that JavaScript is not installed. It definitely is, and it’s enabled!

Hi Gary,
can you please check if JavaScript is up to date and enabled in Internet Explorer?

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It is. I’ve visited the page your colleague linked to above in Internet Explorer. It says that Java is installed and I’ve checked all the settings. The problem appears to be to do with OAuth with Google, I think.

It’s a real shame, because having tried your client with an IMAP account, I think it would be a great solution for my email needs. But I need to be able to set up my Gmail accounts properly, so I can access calendar and contacts.

Which version do you have installed? Please try this version >… as it has some of the google Authorization fixes.
I’d also like to know if you have 2-step verification enabled?

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I think I have this version already, because I only downloaded it from your website yesterday.

I do have 2 step verification set-up on one of my Google accounts, but I see the 2 step screen and enter my code, then get the failed Javascript message. However, I’ve also tried another account that doesn’t have 2 step verification enabled, and that gives me the same error.

Could you please test if you are able to login into your gmail accounts through IE? Thank you.

I can and it works fine.