Cannot add an Office 365 account when the computer is joined to a domain

We are migrating to Office 365 accounts in our company and we want to add these accounts to the EM client so that employees can access their mail in the eM Client.
However, this can only be done if computers are not joined to a domain. We have tried the same procedure on several computers joined to the domain, but without success - the eM Client opens Teams with a login message, but does not display the Office 365 account login web page. The eM Client tries to log in only through the user account in the domain.
We have tried different versions of the EM Client (7, 8 and 9) but the problem remains in all versions of the eM Client.
We plan to purchase 80 licenses of the EM Client, but this is a problem for which we currently cannot find a solution and cannot proceed without it.

What version of the beta 9 did you try this with?

We tried the latest beta

What version is that?


I am having the same issue. I tried adding a Microsoft 365 account to eM Client (v8.2.1659) on 2 computers that are domain joined and nothing happens. I added on 2 laptops that are not domain joined and it worked fine. tried uninstalling and re-installing the app and still no luck.

Can confirm as we have tested with Windows 10 and Windows 11 on our current domain and on a new test domain (even tested on Samba4 based domain). We have noticed that if you add the account and then change the authentication from “Use identity credentials” to “Use these credentials” (and enter your email credentials), emClient will be able to acces the email account. However, this is only true if your organisation is not using Office 365 MFA. There is currently no way around adding and using an Office 365 account with emClient, a domain joined computer, and Office 365 MFA enabled.
I opened a case with emClient support and informed the Beta Team devs of the issue. I have provided logs which will hopefully help to resolve this issue for Office 365 and domain based users.

Does it work if you add the Office 365 domain Account manually (instead of the wizard) via “Add account / Mail / Exchange” and add a MFA (app password) or have you already tried that option ?

You type in your Exchange email address for the Email address and Username fields & your MFA specific App password.

Also have you tried the latest eM Client V9 Beta 9.0.1229.0 from the version history page.

Unfortunately, we tried that option without success. Going that route simply indicates that, ‘The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.’ We tested a few different accounts and received the same message. To eliminate human error we copied and pasted the credentials into emClient and into the Office 365 webmail login to verify the credentials; emClient gave the previous error where Office 365 webmail let us right in.

I did notice that you mentioned an AppPassword. I didn’t believe that was required any longer with emClient as emClient should redirect and prompt with an Office 365 login screen. Is having an AppPassword required as this would be difficult and require policy changes within our Office 365 account to enable and technically decreases our security.

As for trying other clients, unfortunately, I have tested every released v9 beta since the beta program began.

I greatly appreciate your assistance. If any further testing is required for this I am more than happy to assist.

We have the same problem in our company.

It seems the issue is not resolved yet.

Any indication when it will be resolved?

We intend to buy 17 licences but we cannot use eMClient due to our computers being on a domain and using O365 MFA.

We cannot deactivate either option due to corporate security guidelines.

Our company managed to connect with eM Client programmers and this problem will be solved in build version 9.0.1447 (982e5e4) - we are currently testing it and it seems it’s working correctly. So you have to wait until it will be publicly available.

@htheodorakis Can you contact me directly on [email protected]. Include the subject of this thread in your email.

I tested beta vesrion 9.0.1447 (982e5e4) on PC and the issue is sorted.

Many thanks for the assistance!

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Will this issue being solved in V8? we just switch to office 365 and no luck with it.

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This was fixed for version 9.

Apart from using the latest V9 release as @Gary advised, if you type in your usual email address in the wizard and it won’t accept it for a Microsoft 365 or Exchange Domain account, it could be that you eg: might need to use a “.onmicrosft address” to start in the wizard instead of your actual email address as @Simon9 posted in the thread below.

A account is a domain name that Microsoft creates for a company or school that signs up for an Office 365 for Business subscription.

(Quote Extract posts from Simon9)

“emClient requires .onmicrosoft address to start”

“It forms the login name for the Microsoft account, for 365 and for exchange server, but it is not my e-mail address”.