Cannot Access eM Client Due to Password Protection

I cannot get in to eM Client, as it is password protected and I have forgotten my password. Please could you offer any advice on how to rectify this.
Many thanks

Unfortunately there is no way to reset the password, but you can delete your settings file which will remove the startup password. It will also remove some of your settings, but not your data, account settings, or signatures etc.

To do that, with eM Client closed, go to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ in Windows Explorer. You may have to enable hidden items to get there. Delete the settings.dat file and restart eM Client.

Thank you so much for your help Gary, it is much appreciated.
I have managed to get back in to eM Client. Unfortunately my initial problem, which started all this off is still there. I was advised by SkyYahoo Mail to change my password, which I did.
I can access my mail all ok on the web. Now when I go to try and send or receive emails in eM Client, it says password required for my email account. Unfortunately a message pops up from Yahoo saying uh oh looks like something went wrong. Please try again later. This is stopping me from being able to do anything to resolve the matter. Secondly, since going back in to eM Client, I seem to have lost all my important sub folders, which hold a lot of information. Is there anything I can do about this please?
Sorry that you are dealing with a novice! Many thanks, Pam

Hi Pam,
we apologize for the trouble, over the weekend our OAuth registration at the Yahoo Developer Portal experienced some issues and our oAuth access for Mail, Contatcs and Calendar is not working.
We have contacted Yahoo Developer support to get it back up soon.

In the meantime, the only way to set up a Yahoo account is manually via the Mail>Other option so you can insert a password directly (app password) instead of being taken to the oAuth login.

We apologize for the inconvenience.