Can´t open my mails after emclient updated to V9

Hi I have another problem that i have had before when emclient was updatede from version i men 6 to 7 or 7 to 8 not remember…
it did the same like now but got fixed when they made the first update.

But my emclient i updatede to version 9 and it is running and it getting in emails and i can send emails but problem is when i click on the email to see what it in the email, it just only showing the Subject, amd messege in the mail it only searching and nothing happens???

I have tryed deleted the program and install the version 8 again but no luck, that not works too now after i had installed the V9, so it doing the same, i now installed the V9.0.1717.0 and can´t read my mails, it not even marks them as read when i click on them.

This is on my Mac Mini (2014 Model)

I tryed install V9 on my macbook Pro (2018 Model) there haven´t had the emclient installed and it doing the same, i tryed installed the first V8 but it came out it could not run because of it had the V9 in the datalist or like that, but non of V8 worked on it because of V9 had been installed.

but not this is what i can see first update but i checked the versions and the one i had was a version there is not standing anywhere but now updatet to the newest 9.0.1717.0…

how to make this work :frowning:

This is being discussed here: The body of my emails will not show - Mac

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