Calender reminder/notification keeps popping up even if event is from past

Are the repeated notifications, even after you dismiss them, happening with events saved to both your mailbox CalDAv as well as Google Calendar?

Means are the dismissed events still showing up later regardless of what server they are saved on?

The events (and everything else) are synced with my work account which is through Google Workspace, so Google Calendar.

If I dismiss events, they still keep repeatedly showing up as rapid-fire notifications a handful of times throughout the day.

no matter whether or not I dimissed calendar events on the native calender ( or google f.e.) emClients keeps bringing them up. on macs (at least Big Sur) there is no dismiss button to tell emclient to let go of the past. it goes together with pop up sounds so you can image being in a conference and getting notified about past events is more than a no go. This is hindering me from getting a paid license. This is a bug. From June 13th (latest) until today there is no fix. never saw this with software I had to pay for before (except windows :slight_smile: )

Same issue here on a Mac version. It is really annoying. Event notifications keeps on streaming in pop-up windows. It is not a bug in MacOS as with some suggestions made here. Notification works fine on same email account in Outlook and Gmail client.

well, beef to the bone! who is taking over to fix this bug?

(I guess not all the people are as patient as we (the posters) are. I see the potential of emclient and guess what the only reason I did not pay my license so far is that I do not trust in the software maintenance cycle behind the scenes.)

What is stauts of the bug ticket Gary created?

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I was unlucky enough to pay for my license BEFORE seeing this bug. It’s really disheartening as a software developer myself to see so little activity or feedback on such a pervasive and annoying issue.

So what are y’all using instead? Is there no modern desktop email client that doesn’t just repeat the horrid UX choices of Outlook and Mail?

Sucks to move to a new piece of software, but not as much as it sucks waiting around for a dev team that doesn’t even see fit to update its customers.

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consensus. Even if I did not pay (so far) it gets very annoying opening my mac book and as of now waiting for 10 secs to let emclient show all past events. I am a manager working with dev teams so you can imagine the “comments” this client gets…

well, I tried so many other clients. mailspring is the next one I am about to install in a minute. Did you try this already?

Go to the Calendar section of eM Client and switch to the Agenda view. You will see the icon on the toolbar after Day - Week - Month.

Uncheck “Hide Past” option by clicking on that icon. You should be able to see all your past events.

Select all events for which you want to dismiss notifications.

Open context menu by right clicking any of selected events and chose Reminder > No Reminder

You will no longer get reminders from past events.


done. lets see. a workaround, isn’t it? all events from now will have to be treated like this, so for once I can do. Still this bug has to be fixed. I will report if this really stopped my “concert” of past events…

hint: please take into account that also returning events may have a reminder you don’t want to remove (will be listed on top). So dont just cmd+a and remove but choose wisely where to start. One can add the reminder flag to the list so it’s easier to see.

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Yes, it is a workaround.

In some instances, synced events with Google Calendars (and maybe some few others) will show the reminders as current, so you will get the popups.

If you could name the provider where the calendar is synced, and if you are using the Mac or Windows version of eM Client, I can add that to the bug report.

Also, if you can confirm if event reminders you actually dismiss come back again.

I can confirm that this workaround IS a workaround :slight_smile:

for the bug ticket: MAC (11.4), and cal events, emclient version 8.2.1278

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It is worse than you think. When you dismiss the reminder, it sends a message to all of those people who are listed on the event. So, for example, if you have a meeting that had say 3 people invited, when the reminder pops up and you dismiss it, it sends and email to everyone on the meeting invite that you have somehow changed the meeting. Quite embarrassing to send an update for a meeting that is a year in the past.

I have had that happen with really old meetings that pop up with a reminder for reasons unknown. I had to select the ‘X’ on the reminder so it wouldn’t sent out an email to everyone. I had to stop using Em Client for business because of that. Tried to get it fixed with pro support but no luck.

Doesn’t work. I did that - the list is now empty - but I still have old notifications pop up. From Oct, Jan, etc, etc. When I dismiss one, I get the next. I’m no sure how many there are, I must have dismissed a hundred already. Or maybe the same 20 five times?
These are events on my google calendar. I’m on Windows 10. There is a Dismiss button.
Is there no way to fix this annoying bug? It makes notifications unusable.
A quick fix would be to not allow notifications that are older than X, say 1 day, or 1 week.

Did this ever get fixed for you?

I am still seeing this with V9 and have seen it since V6 (I think). It happens with both Gmail and Outlook/Exchange calendars. I will just suddenly get many many reminders all at once with duplicates on old things that I’ve previously dismissed, even duplicates of the same reminder at the same time. These are not recurring appointments either. This happens over and over while EMClient is idle in the background, and doesn’t seem to have much to do with application start.

For an application that primarily is meant to handle Email and Calendar, this is a pretty awful bug.

We have an option for dismissing past reminders in the upcoming 9.1 release.

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When is 9.1 coming? I have 9.0.1708 in Windows 10. Been getting this annoying reminder of past event for a long while. Considering changing email clients

You won’t yet get it if you Check for Update, but you can download it from the Release History.

Gary - thanks. FYI I “checked for updates” again and found none. But I went to Release History as you suggested and found the new release from Friday. I installed it. No old notifications showing up. Thanks