Calender invites from others don't add to Google Calender

Hi all,

whenever somone invites me to a meeting, the event ist automatically added to my Google calendar in my local machine. However, the event ist not synced to my Google calendar on the Google server.

I tried to configure my Google account and the calendar setting to the “most open” possibility, but didn’t find a solution. Does anyone have the same problem and/or knows what to do?

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See this thread which I think should help you as I would say your default calendar is wrong in account settings and needs to default to your Gmail Calendar.

Thanks for the hint, but unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem.

I have already selected my Google calendar as my standard calendar on my local machine (like in the screenshot of the thread). But although the event is in my Google calendar locally, it is not synced to the Google calender on the Google server.

Ok. Do the shared calendar event invitations go to your correct Google calendar online via your browser ?

If they do, then suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then try removing your entire Google account from eM Client and re-add as knew as eM Client “does normally match your online Google Calendar with event invitations” or any other Google Calendar events etc.

Also see if there is any later versions (of your current version) for Windows or Mac of eM Client from the version history page as might have been a fix for this issue.

If there is a later version, backup first before upgrading via “Menu / Backup”.

My wife sent me a test invitation from her foreign account. Here’s what happened:

  • In my browser (Google account) the event doesn’t show up, not even in a “to be confirmed” - status.

  • But on my mobile the invitation shows up in the mail program, I can confirm it and it pops up in my mobile Google calendar and in the browser / Google account.

  • When I open the invitation in eM client and confirm the invitation, nothing happens. Worse than before (when the event wasn’t synced to the browser / Google account) the event doesn’t even show up in my local Google calendar.

Just a thought:
I ticked off the box “Google settings” when it comes to synchronisation with the server because this gave me always an alert with GMail (I don’t use GMail). But “Google Calendar” and “Google Contacts” are activated. Could the behaviour have anything to do with “Google Settings”?

I can confirm it and it pops up in my mobile Google calendar and in the browser / Google account

As the confirmation appears in your Google account calendar online ok via your browser, then something is wrong with your Google account “within eM Client” as eM Client mirrors your online Google account calendar. So suggest as above to “remove your Google account” completely from eM Client and re-add as new which should then be the same as your Google Calendar online.

As you don’t use Gmail, you can just add the Calendar separately. See the following example.

If you just want to add the Google Calendar “without the Mail, Chat or Contacts”, go to eM Client Accounts and then, click “Menu / Accounts”. Next click “Add Account / Google Calendar” and follow the bouncing ball. At the end you should see a check in the “Calendar box”

Note: If removing and re-adding your Google calendar to eM Client still doesn’t work, then you have some setting wrong in your Google Calendar online in your account.

You can get help for Google Calendar online from the following URL - Google Calendar Community

Hello cyberzonk,

I did as you suggested and found out something interesting.

First of all, unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem. But I discovered the following: When the invitation a) comes from another Google account and b) I confirm it via the Google options (yes/no/maybe), then the event ist added to my Google calender on my machine as well as in my browser BUT not in the right calendar but in my personal Google calendar.

When the inivitation comes from a non-Google account, the problem persists:
a) Accepting this kind of invitation in the browser results in adding the event in my personal Google calendar not in the intended shared one.
b) Accepting this kind of event on my machine it lands locally in the right shared calendar but is not synched up to my Google account.

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