calendar won't update google calendar

As far as I can see from the posts, this has not been resolved yet… Events scheduled on eM Client calendar update Google calendar, but events made or changed on Google calendar on another device don’t sync and update eM Client calendar. I’ve refreshed, I’ve exited the program and restarted… It seems to be a one-way sync. I haven’t installed or used any new software… I know another person thought the issue might have been related to a program they used.

Hi Virginia,

The Google Calendar server has a specific 15 minute auto-sync limitation that doesn’t let eM Client sync on its default 10-minute interval. However, the F5 refresh or program restart should sync all the entries. Is it possible that there is a delay in the communication between the other device and Google Calendar server? Please check if right after you create the event, it is displayed on the Google Cal web app.


Sporadic : sometimes this works, more often it doesn’t. I’ve tried testing every which way to see what is causing the issue. It’s aggravating because I’ll think it’s working only to find out the hard way well after I’ve scheduled something on my phone that it never made it to eMClient calendar. For example, after deleting yesterday’s test entries, I entered 3 more test entries on my calendars via my phone. They showed up in eMC as soon as I hit refresh.  I then entered 3 more, and they don’t show up. Not after refresh, not after exiting and restarting the program.

Time delay: If it works, it works fine and quickly. If it fails, it fails completely. Entries made on Google calendar or phone’s calendar program don’t show up on eM Client calendar.  At all. Ever.  Not after days or weeks. Not after trying all of the below:
Refresh: no difference
Exit program and restart: no difference
Delete account from eMC and then add account back: no difference

The event shows up in other programs immediately and without fail. It makes it just too unreliable to use.

Hi Virginia,

This isn’t a normal behaviour of Google Calendar in eM Client. It is possible that your calendar is wrongly set and I’d recommend deleting it from eM Client and reconfiguring in Menu > Tools > Accounts > Add account.


Perhaps you missed it in my earlier reply, but I have  already tried what you suggest:  deleting the account and adding it back in. Also, I’m not sure why the problem is sporadic, or why it used to work consistently and now doesn’t. Perhaps it has to do with the latest eMC update, which I found to be very buggy.

Solution for me: I think the problem was between the google calendar app on my phone, and google calendar.   Because if google calendar updates correctly, then eMC does too.  (1) So problem is not google calendar>eMC. The other calendar app on my phone syncs perfectly with the google calendar app.  (2) So the problem is not between apps on the phone.  (3) The problem appears to be google calendar app>google calendar. I went into settings (phone’s application settings, not calendar app settings), went to the google app, then storage, and cleared data and cache.  This seemed to fix it, but to be safe I also did this for the other calendar app that came on my phone. So far, so good.

Hi Virginia,

I’m glad that you found solution to the calendar issue and thank you for posting it.


I have exactly, same issue as Virginia(one way sync), but checked my GMail account and found that Google Calendar does update correctly from Google calendar on my iPhone. So the problem is between Google Calendar and the calendar in emClient

I have just updated to the latest update  7.2.34648.0 released a few days ago ( Feb 6 2019), and this seems to have cleared the problem

While this is not directly related to the issue described, it does relate to syncing Google calendar and I’ve found no better place to put it. I have had sporadic problems with events I create in the eM client not syncing with google calendar and hence not appearing on my Google Calendar on my Android phone. By chance, I discovered what went wrong. Whether it was something I inadvertently did, or something changed without my intervention. I discovered that I was creating the calendar event in eM in the “Local Folders” calendar. I don’t know how that default got changed since my google calendar was checked and other events in that calendar (including “Holidays in Canada”) were appearing. Since I unchecked the Local Folders calendar and made sure that my Gmail account calendar was selected, the problem has resolved. I will be careful in the future to always check. Just thought I’d post this in case anyone else happens to have that issue. Incidentally, my Gmail calendar DOES appear at the top of the calendar list and so, I presume, should have been the default when you click on “New” or on a date in the calendar view, and as I said, it was checked. I guess I can blame it on the Menehunes! 

Interesting input and good to know. I don’t have a “local folders” option, and google calendar is checked, but I think this reply may help many people.

This is still an issue even with the latest release version 7.2.34711.0 Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

If you eg: update Google Calendar via Chrome Browser, you can refresh Em Client all you like, but it never updates the Em Client Calendar until you close and reopen Em Client. As soon as you reopen Em Client instantly the new Calendar event appears.

Just to reiterate, once I made sure that it was the calendar associated with my Gmail account, then the sync does work and all of my G-mail calendars do update within about 2 minutes. That is: eM client, Android phone, iPad, and Gmail Calendar on the web. So … it is working for me. I did another test just now and the event showed up on my Droid in two minutes and then the reminder fired as expected (I set it to remind at the start of the event). I also created an event on my droid and it synced back to the eM client as well as the Gmail Calendar on the web. The reminder fired in all places. Deleting the events also deleted them in all places within one minute. I did refresh the droid for the first delete, but the second one deleted in 15 seconds. Both events deleted from the Gmail calendar on the web almost immediately. So … I’m a lot more confident that events will show up when and where they are supposed to … until they don’t :slight_smile:

This are still a huge probleem. Some Google calendar entries not showing in emclient.
Only if I ‘flip’ a setting in Google web calendar entries, emclient gets updated, just to disappear later.
Very close to unusefull… and total silence from emclient support.

Usually when you open a Support Ticket with them they reply quite quickly; at least within 24 hours, though weekends seem to be down-time for them.

I just found a small workaround: Using the (calender) repair function in emclient seems to delete calender cache and synchronyses new and correkt.

I’ve found what causes this. In the calendar sidebar, whatever calendar is currently highlighted is what calendar it’s going to create the event in by default. I’ve had to get in the habit of making sure my primary Google calendar is selected. Then, in the event window, I’ve had to double-check the calendar folder at the very bottom, just to be safe.

What worked for me was to simply untick the affected Google calendar in the left side-bar, then tick it again. That forces an immediate resync of that calendar folder.

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Re “What worked for me was to simply untick the affected Google calendar in the left side-bar, then tick it again. That forces an immediate resync of that calendar folder.” I did that and now the calendar is completely blank other than a message “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed.” 

ADDITIONAL DATA.  I uninstalled eM Client. Then I really uninstalled it by deleting the directory left in appdata and the things left in the Registry. I then re-installed and noted that recent things were not on my calendar. WAIT! Since theoretically it had no knowledge of me at reinstall HOW DID IT GET PART OF MY CALENDAR if it wasn’t syncing my calendar? It turns out that:

  • Things entered on the calendar from eM Client appear on the calendar on the web page, Android, and eM Client.
  • Things entered on the calendar from the calendar web page appear on the calendar on the web page, Android and eM Client.
  • Things entered on the calendar from my Android telephone do not appear on the eM Client calendar although they do appear on the web page and the Android.