CalDAV account event organizer

I had set up a CalDAV account a while ago, to synchronize my Zimbra calendar. And it worked fine, and still does.
However, I just figured out that when somebody creates an event with attendees, from within Zimbra, and adds me as attendee, here is what I see in eM Client:

  • the organizer is not shown as attendee in the bubble when hovering the event,
  • while it is (well most of the time) shown as such when opening the event, and displaying the “Scheduling” tab
  • though for some events, it is not even shown in this tab (sorry but no clue about what is different in both cases)
  • in any case, it would be nice to have a supplemental field in “Scheduling” tab, and in the bubble, stating who is the organizer of the event (only when attendees were specified)
    What do you think?
    Thanks in advance
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I guess I have a similar issue: CalDAV with Horde / Kronolith. Attendees behaviour buggy or is this how it should work?