CalDAV with Horde / Kronolith. Attendees behaviour buggy or is this how it should work?

Hey there,

We use the Horde groupware for our mail hosting.
since there is no possibility to use ActiveSync protocol (which works great with Outlook and Thunderbird (+AddOn)) we just tried to setup em Client with IMAP and CalDAV / CardDAV. The setup works great and you can “connect” your mail-account with one of your calendars.

What doesn’t work well is the attendee management. If you create an event and invite someone to this event, you send an invitation. For your own calendar you and the attendees are listed, but if the other one accepts the invitation, in his calendar he is the organisator and attendee. Any other attendees are not listed.
Is that a general issue with the CalDAV protocol or is there something wrong with Horde or em Client?

My goal is that the calendars behave like in ActiveSync. You invite, lets say 10 people and everyone who accepts the invitation gets a new event in his own calendar with the full list of attendees. If someone updates his status, he sends the update to all other attendees so that the status is updated.

Is that possible? Thank you for reading.


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I have posted this issue here several times. It is a long standing issue. I see that you didn’t get a response. Did you ever find a work around?