Buttons to minimize, maximize, and close the window do not work

Buttons to minimize, maximize, and close the window do not work or take time to respond.

I know this was an issue for some in older versions, please make sure you are on the current version (7.2.34208.0) by going here:  https://emclient.com/release-history

Same boring problem here!!
I’m on 7.2.35506.0.

I’m on version 7.2.35576.0 and cannot close the messages - need to go to toollbar click on the em client icon to see which messages are open and click one by one to close.

This problem still on 7.2.35595.0…

I have the same problem in the version 7.2.35595.0 in PT-br. I searched for software updates without success. 

Bruno, that is latest version.

Do you perhaps have any tweaking software running on your OS?

Hi there, what does it say? What is wrong? I do not think that the problem still exists! http://www.writing-help.org/blog/category/ethics-free-essays

I can not use the minimize, maximize, and close the application buttons at the top right. I can make a demo video and make it available.

So, do you have any tweaking software installed?

No other software with this problem in my PC.  What type of “tweaking software” did you refer?

Software that tweaks Windows. Stuff like Winaero, Windows Ultimate Tweaker, etc. These applications are used to change the look of Windows and can cause the issue you are having.

If you don’t have anything like that, uninstall the version of eM Client you have, then download the installation file again from the Release History.

Correct. I don’t have any apps to change the look of Windows. Only in EmClient I have this problem. I’ll follow your tip to remove and install the app again. Thank you.

Hello! Same problem here. Latest version.
Buttons to close, minimize and maximize seems with problem, sometimes wont work. Clearly there is something wrong.

What version of eM Client are you using? (Menu > Help > About)

What if any OS tweaking software are you using?

Is your OS fully updated? What build version is it?

I’m on version 7.2.36908.0

Windows 7 without any changes.

However, I realized that the button problem only occurs when the software is on the second monitor (extended). The problem does not occur when you are in the main window.

Is that the same scenario as you have Hugo?

Version 7.2.37929.0 and I have the same issue. Window commands (minimize, maximize and close) do not respond, or takes time to respond. Either way, they don’t even get focus when the mouse is pointing them. Sometimes when I click to minimize, it does minimize but only after I move the mouse after clicking it. 
I’m attaching a video where I show I’m trying to click on minimize from 7s to 12s, but only when I move the mouse it minimize, and I’m showing the CPU usage for it.

Hello yes the same scenario. Latest system and emclient version
The user is not the problem here. 

Latest system means what?

Latest eM Client version means which version?