Bug: Unread message count incorrect

Em Client: 8.2.1237 (licensed pro version), email preview pane is turned off.

Sometimes I delete email without reading it. I know by the subject and/or sender that I’m not interested.

If I have one unread email in my inbox and I delete it without opening it, it goes to the trash as expected, the trash unread counter increments as expected, but the inbox unread counter stays at 1.

If I have two unread emails in my inbox, on deleting the first one, the behavior is the same (inbox unread counter doesn’t change), but upon deleting the 2nd email, the inbox unread counter goes to zero (that is, it disappears)

During these operations, the counters in Favorites (All Inboxes, Unread) do indeed update as expected; it’s only the counter for the Inbox itself.

Definitely not a big deal. Just thought I’d get it in the pipeline in case it’s something you’d like to look at in the future. Thanks.

Confirmed happens here with office365/exchange.

If you have licensed eM Client Professional I would then suggest to put in a support request for this issue via the “Pro support” page Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client