Unread counts wrong

v8 continues to have the same problem as earlier versions, which is that the unread counts on my folders are almost always wrong.

My accounts are hosted on Gmail. I have folders below Inbox, and other software may move mails from the Inbox into these folders to categorise them.

Generally speaking an unread message will be reflected in the folder count initially, but after I’ve visited that folder and navigated away, without reading the message, the unread count will become wrong.

Yep still happening but for me it’s happening with office365/exchange.

That’s because you have highlighted a folder / label (even for a sec or so), and whatever email that is highlighted even though you didn’t read it and went straight to another folder will still change the status to read on that email, so the unread will change to a lessor number as its meant to.

The only way to avoid this is to remove the “Mark messages read after x seconds” in the settings. This happens with any email client if you use auto read setting.

Note:- It is possibly to click a folder / label and then quickly move to another folder (without the highlighted mail changing status), but you would have to be lightning quick to stop it happening.

Thanks for your reply. This setting is turned off, though.

Ok. I personally have a Gmail account, Live account and local ISP IMAP account with Mark messages read after X secs enabled, and the unread count is always accurate. Cannot fault it.

I will do some tests with Mark messages read (Disabled) and test it again to see if I can replicate this issue.

I have done unread tests again on all my 3 email accounts including Gmail & Live IMAP accounts with this time (mark messages read after x secs) “disabled” and and still cannot fault it.

Sounds like its definitely specific type of accounts that are the issue here like “office365/exchange” accounts which have this unread issue. Or possibly “some other program” installed affecting the unread count.

I see there is also another ticket below for Unread count issues as well which also mentions Office 365/Exchange.

Bug: Unread message count incorrect - Mail - eM Client

As per the other thread on this subject if you have eM Client Professional lodge a support request via - Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client

Mine’s a Gmail account - quite an old and large one.

I do have Pro. Last time I tried it didn’t get anywhere, but I’ll try again.

It could be that the Gmail account message cache is corrupted or out of sync in eM Client.

Can you remove the Gmail account from eM Client, then add it back again and see if there is any difference.

I’ve done that, but it still gets out of sync over time. Same thing if I force a manual repair on the folder.

It feels like eM Client is missing a periodic check of the folder to look for messages with the unread flag set, and just relying too much on its local cache.

I used to write IMAP code for a living, so perhaps I should go and make Thunderbird work as I want to :-).