BUG? Renaming folders in eM Client only works one-way (eM Client > Gmail). Renaming label in Gmail removes all emails from the respective folder by eM Client after syncing


As detailed in this screen-recording (https://bit.ly/2ThT17D), I performed the following steps to identify a possible bug in eM Client v8.0.3385:

  1. A certain Gmail label is in sync with the respective eM Client folder/tag (the tag was created automatically by EM Client to match Gmail label, and isn’t listed as an actual tag in Menu > Tags).

  2. In Gmail, I renamed the label.

  3. eM Client syncs and rename the respective folder, matching the renamed Gmail label.

  4. After syncing, the renamed folder became empty in eM Client.

  5. From eM Client side, all emails were gone from that folder, remaining attached to the old tag name, a leftover that exist only in eM Client. The emails can be find in All Mail folder, or by searching the their titles.

  6. The problem of the orphan emails in eM Client can be fixed by renaming again to the old label name. The renaming to the old name can be performed either in Gmail or eM Client.

So, it can be noticed that renaming a label from Gmail side isn’t properly processed by eM Client.

If you rename a folder in eM Client, it is processed properly by Gmail, though.


Renaming folders in eM Client just work one-way (eM Client > Gmail).

Renaming label in Gmail removes all emails from the folder that was renamed automatically by eM Client after syncing.

Is it a bug, or is eM Cliend designed to work only one-way (eM Client > Gmail) when renaming folder/labels?

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@carloscadu Yes i too found that if you rename Gmail account folder / labels in Gmail (Online) two things happen which appears to be a bug in EM Client.

1). The exiting Gmail folder / label goes straight to the bottom of the folder / labels in EM Client under (More) with “Hide” status even though they were “Show” status before renaming in Gmail online.

2). Also any emails that were linked to that folder previously are (no longer there) & only show now in “All Mail” in EM Client.

You then have to (Right click) on the folder / label under More and click “Show” to move it back up where it was previously, and then go to “All Mail” and drag / copy back the email to the exiting mail folder.

Currently using EM Client V8 8.0.3385 Windows 10.

I’m making available again the screen-recording link from the first post (the link there is not working and I couldn’t edit it): https://bit.ly/329SvgG
After those initial tests, I created a new user account in Windows 10, reinstalled eM Client V8 8.0.3385, and performed more in-depth tests.
The same problems are consistent and appeared again.
I’ve found eM Client unreliable regarding the Gmail label sync considering my tests posted in this thread, and also other problems with the sync between em Client (folders/tags) and Gmail labels reported in this other thread:
$Phishing Folder
I sent a support request directly to eM Client and I hope they can provide a fix or provide information on how to handle these problems.
As soon as I receive an answer I will update it here.

I have exactly the same problem described here. The only solution I found is to repair the All Mail folder when some label is renamed in Gmail.