BUG: Collapsed/hidden quotes affecting non-quote lists

There is a bug on Windows version 9.2.1735 (3d90379)

The issue with collapsing/hiding quote blocks also affects lists sometimes. (For ref: Auto expand quoted text - eM Client )

E.g., if you sent an e-mail where you type out a list like:


(So indented with letters and spaces to make thinks clear)

eMClient will hide them behind 3 dots you then have to expand.

Not such a huge problem for you the sender (although it is annoying, and makes you wonder if you wrote your e-mail right, and is not great if you need to come back to it at a later date and forget you made a list), but if you are a recipient who uses eMClient, it will also be hidden.

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I can’t replicate what you are referring to. I use conversation mode on the same version of eMC (with Win10).

Yeah, this is interesting. So I tried testing it again myself in a similar way and it didn’t happen either.

But I can still see the e-mail where it did happen.

So I have no idea why it is randomly happening.