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I just received an email that confused me. The sender was quoting someone and using a block quote within the email, a couple paragraphs down. The quoted text was missing entirely, instead we have three dots, which if clicked would reveal the quoted text. This makes no sense within an email. Is this fixed behavior that EMClient will hide all block quotes used in an email?

jueves 27 enero 2022 :: 0945hrs (UTC +01:00)

I do not see this, what version of eMC do you use?

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When using eM Client’s Conversation feature, quoted text is collapsed.

To disable this feature, select Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

So, we choose either to use conversations, or to allow block quotes. So, no one can use the proper HTML protocol for quoting if they quote a paragraph or so from Plato or the bible, or Shankara or any book.

As a feature request, I’d like emc to figure out the difference between a quote inside an incoming email, and a previous email.

Do other email clients also fail to make this distinction? Anyone know?

One of the functions of Conversations is to display all the member messages together. That makes quoting the previous message in the body text redundant, so we collapse it. But it is still there, so click on the three dots to display it.

To disable this feature, select Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

Gary, you don’t seem to understand what I am objecting to. I do not object to what emc is trying to do. I understand that the way they do it usually works. However, in some instances their method of doing it has unintended negative bad consequences. I want them to distinguish between a quote inside an email, and the replication of a previous email.

Imagine you receive a newsletter or an email from a friend. Inside the email or newsletter they quote someone. Say a book with 3 or 4 sentences worth quoting. For example, the friend is laughing an academic author whose sentences are long an convoluted and uses a block quote to illustrate a 200 word sentence. Or a newsletter that reviews a book and has a long quote from it or another reviewer.

In those cases, in the middle of a newsletter or email emc will hide the quote. It is not a previous email. It is a necessary part of the email.

We collapse quoted text in Conversation mode.

You can expand quoted text by clicking the three dots, but if you don’t want it collapsed by default, disable Conversations.


Sounds like you still want to show some specific quoted stuff, from non conversation view in conversation view, but that’s not how eM Client currently works by design as @Gary advised.

That would be complicated programming and there probably wouldn’t be enough peeps who wanted that to be worth doing it. Is there other mail clients that do that in conversation view ?.

We disagree on this. I think that a feature like conversations should be possible while respecting standard html protocols within emails. At a minimum I believe it should be passed on to programmers as an issue and let them decide whether it can be fixed. But there doesn’t appear to be a way to do this as Gary refuses to consider it a problem.

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Then perhaps you should move it to the “Feature Request” category


I’m not seeing an edit option. To move to feature request, do I simply copy and paste the same email again? or is there a more elegant solution?

No idea whether there is an option or not… I would just do the copy and paste…

Thinking of a way to maybe help with this until a better solution is found - but what about the option to disable the three dots message collapsing when using conversation mode?

That way, we can still have conversation mode on, with all e-mails grouped as a thread, but just accept that if you receive a new email or read an old one, it will show all the previous text underneath it without being collapsed by the 3 dots.

I would much rather this, which is pretty easy to deal with, as you just ignore the text under the current e-mail, than miss important information in an e-mail I receive.