Beta 10 mail search box?

Can the search box be moved back to its old position similar to ver 9?

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Agree! It was really good place for that.

I tend to agree. It is extremely hard to find the search box and it does not matter what Theme one is using. It blends into the background far too easily

Here are some:

Arctic Theme:

Mystic Theme:

Pink Theme:

If your theme has a very light title bar section, it might be less visible, but of course you know where it is. It also becomes more visible when you click on it, so it is easy enough to find the advanced search button etc.

Maybe if more users ask for it to be moved back to the right than asked for it not to be there, we may consider changing it back. :wink:

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This when the sun was not out hitting my 27" monitor

You are saying people objected to the v9 position?

I have sent a suggestion to the beta team that the option to revert it be considered.


You are saying people objected to the v9 position

Yes many users wanted the search box moved to the left as in the following example thread -

I personally like the new search box location and width size. Most of my friends also “didnt like it way over the far right”. So we are happy its moved to the centre.

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Opinions will vary. It would be good to have the option to relocate it to the original position.

Chiming in here: I prefer the new location of the search box. Less mouse movement. Having the ability to choose the search box location would probably be ideal.

There are couple of reasons why we’ve done this design change and why it can’t even be a setting, because there are different UI items now.

  1. It is closer to the messagelist/shorter mouse path (the main complaint when we moved it from the center position to the right)

  2. More space for it, now even complex search queries fits there better

  3. Visible scope of the search (very common complaint), so it is always visible when you search in the current folder, all folders etc, it is not buried in the options

  4. Industry standard for modern productivity apps such as Outlook, Slack etc

  5. More space for toolbar buttons/icons, this is extremely important for smaller monitors, especially with new features added to the client

  6. Cleaner look when there is no clunky and long text in the window title

Of course every decision may have its drawbacks, but based on the mentioned arguments we decided that way and the main reason for that change was user feedback.


When some users prefers “A” and some users prefers “B” then any decission you made is in fact your decission. :slight_smile: Users feedback based decission would be giving choice between “A” and “B”.

Of course we will have last word. It is still our product. But we see how loud is feedback from one side and from another. One very noisy opinion is not representative. eM Client is the most versatile and configurable client on the market, but even that has some limits, as it is not possible to make EVERYTHING configurable. It would become too complex, so yes we need to do some choices which is well argumented (as it is discussed here). As it is described, it is not only about location but many other decisions that are tied with that decision and cannot be undone just be changing the location of the user interface item.

I’m a developer too, and I agree.

Would you consider using either the post voting plugin for this forum, or use something like uservoice? The impression I get from reading forum posts is that user feedback isn’t something eMc is interested in.

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Yeah we plan to launch a feature request voting site very soon.


I could agree that eM Client is best email client.
But I would never agree that is most versatile and configurable. Maybe for someone who do not saw other email cliens or uses only gmail or other webmail - then yes, it is. But configuration in TheBat or Pegasus Mail and few other email clients are much bigger and flexible. That doesn’t mean these programs are better (they’re not), but if we’re talking only about “most configurable” then it’s not true. Truly configurable email client allows more decission (settiongs) to be made by users, even against developer personal feelings.

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When using eM Client in remote desktop, the search bar is almost completely covered by the RDP bar.

In that thread, it seems like the overwhelming request is to attach the search box to the message list, not move it into the title bar. It looks like there is plenty of room there, too.

You can drag the RDP bar right or left to move it out of the way. This is also useful if you want to RDP on to another machine from a remote desktop session.

That is true. However, the RDP bar does not remember its settings and will revert to the default at each connection. And if you move the mouse too far down, it detaches from full screen mode. If I’m trying to suggest eM Client to a business that uses remote desktop, telling them “have your users move the RDP bar out of the way every day, but they need to be careful to not accidentally move the mouse down” is not the best pitch.

I gather that this change was made to match Outlook. Not every UI design Microsoft makes is UI-gold. In Office 2013, they decided to try ALL CAPS for all menu items. That was a fun time as software companies went ahead and copied that without thinking about it. What did the users think of the toolbar move to the title bar in Outlook? There’s 100 or so messages in this thread about them not liking it.