Search box required above email

There needs to be a searchbox so you can search for emails from subject to from etc, directly above the email subjects not stuck over the right hand side.
See screenshot, it shows the repositioned searchbox located over the subject of emails.


Yes i would also prefer the “search” field over on the left. It is weird that its way over on the right.

The Search field also doesn’t have to be as wide. Could also take a eg: quarter of the width in size…

I would even suggest instead of a default wide field to have a search “Magnifying Glass” icon at the top left which when clicked will open the Search Field to then take up less space on the toolbar by default.

I like the idea, but I’m not so sure it would work for me. The other email clients I use have the search box on the right, or towards the right, and it might get confusing to have it in different places.

Of course if you could configure them all the same, or you only use one client where you were able to have it where you wanted, that would be great. :wink:

Another suggestion for the search field is to eg: add it into the current toolbar “customise” option along the top, where you could then move it anywhere on the toolbar. You could then move it to suit each user.

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I support that. I love eM Client, but the position of the search box makes eM Client so cumbersome to use! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Absolutely agree, there needs to be an option to adjust searchbox position.

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I actually switched back to Outlook due to this issue. The search box is the feature I use most in an email client. In Outlook it works so fast and intuitively. When I use eM Client instead, I lose so much time when searching for emails. For me, it’s just too frustrating using eM Client until this problem is resolved :face_with_diagonal_mouth: