bad close of EMclient 7.1.33101.0 when closing Windows Session

When I close my session, with EMClient opened, there is no message, everything looks OK.
Anyway reopening the session, there is a long automatic check of database, because of abnormal stop of application.
Do client application manage correctly the exit signal from session closing?
Is its closing process from this signal too long for Windows and doesn’t finish in time?
Of course, I should quit application manually to avoid this situation but for most of modern application there is no issue to close session without closing appplication.

Hi R1M,

send me please an email with a link to this thread to: [email protected].


why do you need extra mention of this? you have all the elements in the forum, haven’t you?

I’ve wondered this myself…it’s the main reason I haven’t upgraded to Pro.

I’ve rechecked the situation: there is a large MailClient process (about 250MB of memory) that remains active after the first one is closed. It takes a few minutes (yes more than 100s) to vanish and free the system.
When shuting down windows, the available time to close is not so long, process is killed in the middle of the work. : 2:40 (i.e. 160s) to free from this status…
It is really a bad point for the application!
Does Mr MARKOSKY look this forum?

I have the same problem I do have Pro version.

I too have this issue.  Also, simply shutting down the EM program will make everything hang for an extended period of time.  The previous version/build did not do this.

R1M, this is a user supported forum, so it is neither guaranteed nor frequent that eM Client staff will respond directly here. Russel did ask you to contact him by email, maybe to offer you a more recent internal build of the application that has addressed these issues. 

What was the result?

As a Pro License user, please open a support ticket with eM Client, and they will be able to assist you further.

MH, you can uninstall the current version of eM Client and reinstall the previous version if that helps. You can find download links for all previous versions at

Depending on how far back you go, the database may nor be compatible, so make a backup (Menu > File > Backup) just in case something goes wrong.

You can also try closing the application by using Menu > File > Exit, and see if that closes without problem.

If you close using menu>file>exit, the app closes properly as seen in task manager.  If you “X” out of the app, the task manager still shows the process running so the next time you try to open the client, it will do nothing.  Seems to be a simple fix but its been a while so not sure how much of a priority they are putting on this

Thank you!  Worked like a charm.  They really should fix the X close.

Gary, I try to use this application in a professional context, I’m not a beta tester to investigated deeper in the reasons of issue. Sorry.

I confirm Ed message.
@Gary, It is the situation I shown in an other message, when closing with the X: 1s for main window to vanish but remaining process for 3 minutes in background.

I use internal versions, they are not beta versions, and they are fine for professional use. All they are is interim releases between those on the website.

I strongly advise you contact Russel as he asked. You may find a solution to your frustration. :slight_smile:

R1M, yes I remembered that you commented on this elsewhere.

I guess that as a temporary solution until it is fixed, just close with Menu > File > Exit. Did I say that elsewhere as well? :wink:

Hi Danny,

In that case, please do as I instructed above and send me an email with a link to this thread to my email address: [email protected].
Thank you.


I’ just did the test with Menu / File / Exit (when I had no email in process): similar duration to see the last MailClient process vanish.
I confir m version

frustated but if responsible read the message, in this thread, what information is missing to work on (if the issue is really in the bug tracker system)? I don’t see what an email can add.
Anyway, I’ll do so, if it can help other people facing this important issue.