Backup with Acronis or other backup software

The EmClient tools do not allow you to make backups every few hours.
I use Acronis for my backups of important disks and files.
My question is the following:
If I create an automatic backup of the “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” folder every two hours for example, will it be possible for me to restore it in case of a problem and will I be able to find all my emails, contacts and calendar as I do with the EmClient tool?
Thank you in advance.

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In its default state what you say is accurate, however, it is possible to create/modify Backup
to suit your own requirements. See the following that you can easily edit to your requirements.
It is the TRIGGERS section that will allow you to edit the hourly frequency of Backup.
Please excuse if the English is not quite accurate I have translated from Spanish - it is accurate in as much as I have created this on an English OS as a test.
Here it is:


How to setup an eMC backup that changes from the default options.
This example is set to run every day, and maintain a backup for the last 30 days.
You can change the frequency and number of backups to suit your requirements as you progress.

1./ Setup the eMC default Backup at Menu-> Settings-> General-> Backup. (select 1 Day & 1 Backup)
2./ Run Backup at Menu-> Backup wnen complete go back and DISABLE Backup (uncheck Enable) Save & Close
3./ You now need to open Windows Administrative Tools or Windows Tools (this is your OS dependant)
4./From the above open Task Scheduler then in left column select Task Scheduler Library
5./ In the centre window scroll down to eM Client and Double Click
6./ In the new window select and open Triggers followed by Edit to change Backup time & frequency and click OK
7./Next select Actions then New and ensure that in Action: Start a program is selected
8./ At Program/Script - Browse to: C:\Windows\System32\forfiles.exe and select
9./ At Add Argument copy & paste the following ONLY when you have corrected the path to suit your system:

/p “E:\Program Files\eM Client#_Data#Backup#” /s /d -30 /c “cmd /c del @file

The above is for my system - the part you will need to change is below:

Change this: E:\Program Files\eM Client#_Data#Backup#

Be absolutely certain that you do NOT alter any spacing or ( " \ / characters )
Change -30 to your choice for number of days, when Backup reaches this it will auto-delete the oldest.

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Unfortunately you can’t do that with a third party app, unless:

  1. eM Client is closed at the time the backup is made. If eM Client is running, you may end up with empty backup files.
  2. The backup takes a complete separate snapshot of the whole database every time. Incremental and differential backups won’t work.

The backup is a snapshot of the complete database. Restoring it will revert local data and settings to the way it was when the backup was made. Synced data will revert to what is currently on the server.

If you want eM Client to do the backups every few hours, though we don’t recommend that, the process is available here with screenshots. What is the best way to back-up eM Client? - #16 by Gary

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@ Skybat and Gary :Thank you so much to both of you. :+1:

I will be studying all of this carefully very soon. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.