Automatic Updates?

Any idea when the automatic updates will be fixed? There have been three updates to Ver 8.1 and I have never received an update notice?
When I select “Check for Updates” - it says there are none?
Went to Release History and downloaded all three from there?

Is scheduled for a fix?

Thank you!

Version 7 had the same issue and no different for version 8. Not sure why they even keep that in the menu if if serves no purpose.

It’s working fine for me.

Yesterday’s update was announced right on time.

What’s the secret code? :wink:

Substract 17 from the difference between the year the Alouettes last won the Grey Cup from the year of the last time the CH won the Stanley Cup… and just hope for the best… :wink:

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Good one! By the way I tried it and it still does not work :upside_down_face:

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Nothing for me. Still says I am on 8.1.857 , so I am “3” releases behind if I believe the website.

I wonder if this might not have something to do with the license.

I assumed that @Ricky2 and @Ed_Velez are using Free Licenses, but if not, please check the setting in your License Manager, where you can select if you get offered updates or not.

We roll updates in waves intentionally. This let us address potential issues as quick as possible, so please just be patient. The latest version is now pushed to all users (8.1.979.0). Please try Check for update now. If you want to always have access to the newest update, just let us know and we’ll set your license to behave like that.

Hi Gary…Happy New Year!! :beers:

I was receiving the updates automatically with Ver 7.0 and then they just stopped? I sure hope that the license mandate is not preventing the auto updates. I am sure that the largest percentage of the users for EMC are the free version. I first reported this in early Dec and since then I have been checking the history page to keep up with the latest updates especially with the new version and the bug fixes. When I try the “Check for Updates” it indicated there were no new updates? When I checked the release history there were three new updates which I downloaded manually. As of today I have downloaded all of the updates and am now on 8.1.979.0.
You may be right though and it may only auto update to those with license. Maybe Michal can verify?

Any way I will watch this post for the replies and Happy New Year to everyone and stay safe!! :mask:

Hi Michal.

As stated in my reply to Gary when I tried the Check for Updates it indicated there were no updates however there were three that I downloaded manually. With the new version I feel it is important to stay up to date as the bug fixes being discovered are rectified as we move along.

Maybe you could verify if this option is for the license holders only?

Happy New Year!! :beers:

Since I have never seen an auto update even when using V7 and now V8, I opened a support ticket for this to be looked into. I have a lifetime license so its not free. Unfortunately I do not have access to license manager.

I need to understand the mechanism on how EMC goes out to check for new updates. For all I know it could be my firewall

All Pro License users have access to the License Manager. Just use your license credentials. If you do not have them, click on the password reset option.

Its been quite a while since I logged into it and now its asking for a user group…Not something I have or ever had to the best of my knowledge.

The user group is User. Note the capital U.

That should have been included in the details sent you if you used the password reset link on the License Manager page.

OK I was able to get in and it showed normal for updates. So it was not set to disable. It also showed version 8.0 as active so it should have known that I needed 8.1.

I updated everything so lets see if the next release shows a notification.

I have been using the Free Version 8 since it was released and have never received any update notifications. Each time I check I always get the message that no updates are available, when in fact there are updates.

How can we get this fixed?

@Greg_Hines To check for the latest updates for the free version anytime, go to the release history page. Release History | eM Client That’s what i’ve always done.

@cyberzork - That’s what I usually do too. However shouldn’t the auto update work so you don’t have to do this?

@Greg_Hines Yes the auto update works in the recent versions of EMClient.

However you don’t always get every interim .X update version when you click check for update. That’s why I manually just go and download the interim updates and install them.

I have always presumed it’s because the company doesn’t want to automatically push every interim update to users incase there is issues which would make sense to me.