Automatic send BCC to specific address

Does anyone know IF and HOW it’s possibe to setup emClient to always send a BCC to a specific email address when a mail is sent from a specific account ?

I have 1 “support” account that needs to send the support reply not only to the person seeking support but also send the reply as CC or BCC to another support representative.

we are sorry, this function isn’t supported by eM Client.


This could be achieved using a rule, that will be executed when mail is sent and will forward each email to a different address.

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

could you explain further

Let me try to explain :

I have 2 email accounts (1 personal with my ISP and 1 “support” account).
The “Support” account is one a buddy setup for me to help him give some support for his forums (he’s not that technical so I do the forum maintenance and support for him).

He likes to be kept informed about the support mails so I send a BCC to his account every time I reply to a support question.
Some clients (I think Evolution on Linux supports this) allow to set some preferences so every email send from a specific account (in my case the “support” account) is also send as a BCC (or CC) to a specific account.

I hope this makes some sense :wink:

create a rule for that: New rule -> Apply custom rule on message I sent -> check “processed with account” and select your support account ->Next -> check “forward to people” and enter your friend’s email address, Add-OK-Next-Next -> enter Rule name and click next.
I hope this will help.


George WIlson
eM Client

ok, but this way the recipient cannot see the recipients of the initial message, right???

I have tried the rule idea, but the forwarding is not a bcc on the original message and the original header is missing so it’s not possible to see who the original message was sent to. Will this be fixed in the 4.0 version or in a future release?

Thunderbird allows copying yourself on every mail sent in any folder including the inbox, not just in the ‘sent’ folder, which makes a threaded view of your messages very nice to read the full discussion.

Also, if you reply from a subfolder, the copy will automatically be placed in the same subfolder. Again, makes threaded view very useful.

Would be really nice if emClient could replicate this functionality!

Any word on auto BCC? This is a must have item that Thunderbird, Outlook (with plugins) have.

No, it is not implemented yet.

Is this a priority or can it be expected?

when i try what you suggest it continually emails non stop

Wonder if a custom template would do the job??

What version of eM Client are you using?

I have the same problem, running 5.0.17595.0.

It’s vital to get automatic BCC working, I would implore you to add this functionality in lieu of trying to fix a broken Rule system.

It’s invaluable for a small business where it’s important to know who’s replied to what.

It should be implemented in the next major version.
Meanwhile, you can add the exception “except when sent to me” to the rule described above. It should work without any problems.

Unfortunately that exception causes the entire rule to stop functioning.

“After message has been sent
sent using [account]
forward to ‘[email]’
except when sent only to me”

This does not forward anything at all.

Are you able to give me a rough timeframe of when the next major version is due to be released?
Switching from another email client that had this functionality (but lacked many of the benefits eMClient has) means I frequently forget to BCC people, and I’m getting pressure to switch back to ensure proper workflow :frowning:

Strange, it works for me without any problems.
Next major version should be released in few months.