Automatic Archiving Feature Questions

I have a question or two, due to the fact that one of my email accounts is a free Google G-Suite account, which will be going away on June 1.

The automatic archiving feature is really great, and I use that across a half dozen email accounts (IMAP, iCloud and Gmail/Gsuite) to cut down on server side usage, but only keeping the last 365 days of email on the server, archiving everything else to my iMac on a weekly basis.

The question is - I need to archive ALL of my email off that one Google account by June 1st, so I thought of just changing the age in days for the automatic archiving feature, but it appears this is shared across ALL email accounts.

So is there a way to archive from Google to the local Archive folders manually, to get everything out of that one account before Google starts shutting things down, or to set that one account to have a different age for archiving than the others?


I have a question or two, due to the fact that one of my email accounts is a free Google G-Suite account, which will be going away on June 1.

When you say it’s going away on June 1, do you mean you are deleting this Gmail account ?

Or are you referring to the recent Google changes for Gmail accounts ?

Google are not shutting things down and only stated that On May the 30th 2022 Google will no longer support the use of third-party apps or devices which ask you to sign in to your m Google mail Account using only your username and password. Instead, you’ll need to sign in using Sign in with Google or other more secure technologies, like OAuth 2.0.

Now eM Client fully supports the updated third party Gmail changes and has done for many years now. So you can continue using eM Client without any issues with your Gmail account. Here is the eM Client update explaining this where if you are on the non OAutho manual Gmail setup, how to change to the new method via the automatic email wizard in eM Client.

“Google ‘less secure apps’ access and what it means for eM Client”

Nope. That is not what I am asking about at all. I am asking about archiving due to the fact that what was formerly Google Apps, later GSuite is ending their run of being free starting on June 1, 2022:

I have to either pay $6/user/month for what is effectively a family email domain for 8 family members, or go with what I have decided to do, which is to use a MX forwarder to redirect all the various emails to this domain to standard Gmail or iCloud addresses.

The delimma is that I’ve been using this Gmail account for 18 years, and just want to be sure EVERYTHING is archived locally before Google pulls the plug on it.

Ironically, Google promised these type accounts would be “free for life”, and I set up several for both homes and business. I guess they later rewrote the terms and conditions to be “free until we decide to charge”. I can justify $6/user/month for business, but for home use.

So back on the question of the local archive folder in em Client. I want to archive this one account down to 0 days (everything), but leave the other accounts at their current 365 day setting somehow.

Ok I understand. Sounds like you need to use automatic archiving to move all your Gmail messages to the local folders in eM Client so they are safe when you remove the account.

Here is the eM Client blog on archiving and the various methods you can do.

Also see @Gary post below from the following thread

“There is a difference between archiving and Automatic Archiving”

If your server permits it, an archive folder is created in the IMAP folders, and the archive button is an option in eM Client. This moves the message to the archive folder on the server which for Gmail accounts is the “All Mail” folder.

Automatic Archiving is something different. It runs unattended (hence automatic) in the background and moves messages based on age, from the server to local folders at the bottom of eM Client.

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You can just move the remaining messages from the regular folders to the Archive ones just before you lose access to the account. To do that select all the message in one folder and drag them to their corresponding folder in the Archive.


Thanks - those articles are useful, and bookmarking them for future reference.

Gary, thanks. I think that is my ultimate solution for now, since the Archive folder already has a tree matching what is on the server.


Well, woke up this morning with an announcement from Google that if you certify your domain is for personal use (it is), you get to keep it for free. So email crisis averted, and I can go back to letting the auto-archiving do its thing…