Enhanced archiving feature?


I constantly fighting the size of my online mailboxes. I like to keep copies of emails and would like to archive them (I do it manually and automatically).

However, it seems that eM client archives to the archive folder defined in the IMAP settings >Special folders. I don’t believe you can specify any other location.

Can I suggest an enhanced archiving feature?

Maybe specify on an account basis, a Local Folder (or even better, a dedicated Local Archive)

The archive option(s) can then move messages and attachments out of the remote mailbox, into a local folder where they are still searchable, but only consume local disk space (or maybe a network drive…).

Would also be great, alongside the standard Archive button, to have an Archive To … button. That would allow the one-time selection a of a folder to archive to.

It would be possible then to craft an advanced search, say based on a date range, and then archive those found messages to a specific folder (like I have a year based folder for my archived messages)

Many thanks


eM Client has an Automatic Archive feature that moves messages based on age, from the server to Local Folders.

This is described in the Documentation (F1) here.

Thanks Gary.

I did see this, it says:

" For Archiving to be performed you also need to set the Archiving scope for each of your accounts under Account preferences ."

I can see how that defines the scope of what is archived, but there is no option to define where to archive to. It seems to use the archive folder defined in the Account preferences:

I can see that you could map the Archive folder to a different folder, but I cannot see how I can specify a different file - is there a special syntax?

Your screenshot has nothing to do with Automatic Archiving. It simply shows the server folder where regular archiving moves the message.

Automatic Archiving is something else. The archive will be created as a separate set of folders below your other folders. The messages moved there will retain their folder structure, with each email account you archive separate. So a message archived from Gmail Inbox/123, will appear in Archive/Gmail/Inbox/123.

Ok, I understand. But that does not happen when you use the archive button?

It seems to send the message to the folder designated by the special folder entry. I was hoping it would do the same function as the Auto archive - ie a manual archive. I have some emails that take a lot of space that I want to archive before the automatic archive period…

Yes, there is a difference between archiving and Automatic Archiving.

If your server permits it, so as in your screenshot, an archive folder is created in the IMAP folders, and the archive button is an option in eM Client. This moves the message to the archive folder on the server.

Automatic Archiving is something different. It runs unattended (hence automatic) in the background and moves messages based on age, from the server to local folders.

Ok great, thanks for the explanation…

I guess that’s my feature request :slightly_smiling_face: - make the Archive button do the same as the auto-archive but on an instantaneous basis…