Auto-complete email address problems

Following update to V9, as I start typing email address into a new email form, the auto-complete throws at me -

  • up to three instances of the same Contact with the same email address;
  • an old address that is not listed in my Contacts any more.

Neither of these were happening in the previous version.

Any easy fix for this ?

This is due to an update in V9.2.1222 that suggest contacts from your Sent folder as well as from your Contacts.

There will be an update in the next version to disable the sent item suggestions.

See the below thread for info.

Thanks. It is too difficult to go through previous posts to see if somebody already commented. terminology is a problem too for search.

Anyway, it will be good that this will be fixed.
It would be good if you also could go back to those nice little rectangular tags in Contacts business cards instead of the big ugly labels with text.