Authentication Failure on for outgoing mail - Help Please

It started three days ago, popping up on outgoing messages, Server says “5.7.8 bad username or password (Authentication Failed)”
It pops up with my login and password which are both correct. Simply hitting OK four times in a row would eventually send it away and the message would go. Yesterday that ended and they stopped going at all. I had to delete them because the pop up came up every three seconds. Not only couldn’t I get any work done, but clients were very upset at me for not responding in a timely fashion.
I used diagnostics, I changed my password on (where my email comes from) to a more secure one, I even gave over screen sharing to a verizon rep who really screwed up my settings and then disconnected without putting anything back together again and simply said we don’t support em client. I am still getting the authentication error. I have a feeling that it has to do with the attached message from Verizon from over a year ago, but I don’t know how to turn off em client’s Secure Password Authentication, if that is in fact the problem.
I have Norton Internet Security, but disabling it has not helped, and I would hate to be without virus protection for any length of time so it would not be a long term solution.
I am using eM Client version 6.0.21040.0.

I could really use your help.
Thank you for your time and courtesy.


Hi Jay, we have discussed the issue previously, but just to underline what we’ve went through.
The issue is based within Verizon servers that are for some reason not accepting your sent messages, even though it seems like the second try results in successfully sending the message.

Unfortunately we, here in eM Client, are not responsible for this issue, and even though we’d love to provide a solution we’re unable to.

I hope you and all Verizon users will be able to understand this, I hope Verizon support will be more successful in resolving the issue.
But please let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

I am having the same problem.  I have a Verizon account and have not changed any settings on it.  About 2 or 3 days ago, I got the error message when I try to send messages but it would go away with repeated attempts.  Yesterday  and today it would not send any messages no matter how many times I dismissed it.  When I looked further, I got the message "eM Client can’t verify identity of “” The host name doesn’t matech the name specified in the certificate.  I tried to look at Certificate Information which was issued to by Cybertrust Public SureServer SV CA valid from 8/1/2013 to 8/30/2015.  
I did get a message if I wanted to connect anyway not knowing if it was secure.  I was not sure if I sure click “connect.”  
Can you help me?  Thanks.

Hitting “connect” will not rectify it. You will only see a new error message telling you that your password is incorrect.

What can I do?  I can’t send mail from my account.

You are not the only one. Anyone with a Verizon account can’t send emails.  eM Client says it is Verizon and Verizon says it is not them.  All I know is that all this started when eM Client updated their software. eM Client PLEASE DON’T DELETE MY POST.  Not trying to knock you guys here.  I love your email software but there is obviously a conflict here between you guys and VZ.

Hi guys, we have verified that the issue should be a Verizon issue as some of our users reported answers from the Verizon support, some of their support members suggested changing the outgoing setup (SMTP setup) to a gmail’s outgoing server, but this requires you to have an existing Gmail account to use it with your credentials.

If you have a gmail account, change the smtp port to and instead of using identity credentials for the SMTP setup, use your gmail credentials.

Unfortunately as I previously noted, this is a Verizon issue and we can not provide support to this issue.

Thank you for understanding,

This error is caused by incorrect setup between you and the server, you’re either trying to connect to a different address and you might get redirected, but if the certificate states that the address you’re trying to connect (or being redirected to) is still verizon, you should be safe by clicking “connect”.

Thank you,

Paul, if I change my smtp to a gmail setting, does that mean all my gmail email will be coming thru eM too?  I use eM specifically for my VZ (work) emails and need to have them separated. 

Hi Pat, if you use this setup for your SMTP service, you’ll not be receiving any messages from your gmail account as the SMTP service is for sending messages only.

Also please note that eM Client is free for home/personal use only and in order to use the application for business/commercial purposes you have to obtain a valid PRO license for the application.

Thank you for understanding,

Ok, I will try that and I will also try to get VZ on the phone and pick their brains. If I get anywhere with them I will post back.  As far as “commercial purposes,” for the mail, my work is not in any way commercial. All emails to/from me are personal and in no way are for commercial purposes.

If I do that idea, and send out an email, if the recipient hits reply, their reply will go to gmail or Verizon?

Spent close to an hour on the phone with Verizon trying to fix this.  He had me reset my router, he reset some wan setting on his end, and he had me change all the the settings to the newest ones.  Nothing worked.  And the weird part is that when I changed the incoming from port 110 to port 995 I stopped getting incoming mail. I changed it back to the old one so that I can still receive incoming.  VZ tech said he found it very hard to believe that those old settings worked anymore and couldn’t understand why the new setting wouldn’t allow incoming.  VZ tech also noted that I am able to both receive and send email on the Verizon web site so that probably means their servers are not where the problem is. To eM Client:  is there anyway to revert back to the old version so we can see if the update caused this?  How would I go about doing that?

Hi All,

I just switched to Thunderbird and can send out email.  so is verizon still the problem?

I have spent 2 hours on the phone with a Verizon agent working on the email settings without resolving the problem.  I agree with the agent that clearly, because all the people with problems can receive mail but not send it, the problem is not with Verizon’s servers but with eM Client.  I would be sorry to have to change services but since eM Client says it cannot/will not deal with the problem, that seems to be the only solution.

I had the same problem switched to Zimbra Mail,connects to Verizon server no problem

"Unfortunately as I previously noted, this is a Verizon issue and we can not provide support to this issue.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul, If this is a Verizon issue, despite the problem seemingly possibly co-inciding with a recent update of eM client, why is it that I (and Craig from another thread) just now downloaded and installed Mozilla Thunderbird and, within 2 minutes, could send out a message to myself using the Mozilla Thunderbird email client?

I mean are you really saying that NO OTHER email client would be able to communicate with Verizon to be able to send out outgoing emails because the problem is with Verizon?

My eM Client has stopped sending, just like everyone else’s.  Downloaded Thunderbird, it picked up my settings from eM, and immediately sent mail.  The problem is eM, which is unfortunate because I have grown to like it.

As of this morning, I not only cannot send email but cannot receive email either (Verizon). I love EM Client but I guess I’m going to have to install Thunderbird since there appears to be no fix for the issue.  Its been 3 days now and nothing seems to work. 

I, too, really like eM Client and it is one of the few systems that played nice with the ugly Windows 8.  I have to be able to send emails and others are having success switching to Thunderbird and Zimbra so I am afraid I will have to switch unless eM can figure out a fix.  Perhaps Verizon caused the issue or perhaps it was an unintentional result of the recent eM changes, but whatever it is, it looks like eM needs to determine the problem and fix it or lose its Verizon customers because they can switch to other email solutions.  The reason I originally switched to eM was because Verizon disabled use of IMAP mail systems and required POP3 systems on anyone using Windows 8.  I like being able to download email to my computer and also eM Client’s feature that allowed me to leave the email web-based for as many days as I wanted (I had it set to stay on the web for 2 days before disappearing).  Does anyone know which email systems will also allow me to do this (keep IMAP mail on a Verizon system using Windows 8)?  I hope the new Windows plays nicer with systems but it will not come out for another six months (and may not do better). 
Please, eM, can you try to fix this issue so that we don’t all need to switch?  Thanks