Archiving messages versus deleting

For us gmail users, is there a way to “archive” our messages rather than deleting them?

I just found this recently. With a message selected in the gmail inbox, go to the Actions menu, then Archive. That removes it from the Inbox but leaves it in the gmail All Mail folder.

Suggestion: It would be nice if this was also on the menu when right-clicking on a message rather than just the Actions menu.


Thank you for your suggestion - I have forwarded it to our developers so hopefully it will be implemented soon.

Also, can you turn on a setting that would allow a the delete key to archive instead of actually deleting?

Can you make the archive button in the menu bar “message dependent” instead of “mailbox dependent”, specifically for the case of Smart Folders?

In other words, when I’m in a Gmail mailbox, the archive button appears and does the right thing – removes the “Inbox” label from the message so that the message remains archived in “All Mail.” That’s all well and good.


When I’m in the Smart Folder All Inboxes, if I have a message selected that currently resides in Gmail, the Archive button is not available. Even worse, the Archive menu item under Actions is also not available.

Conley, see my post detailing how to make the Delete key/button archive instead of actually deleting.

The Archive functionality is very nice … losing access to Archive is very frustrating

Hi, could you make example of what do you mean exactly? Loosing access to Archived emails is too wide to investigate it better.


In Thunderbrid I can decide if I delete a message or press A and the message is gone to an archive-folder - “all Mail” in gMail or whatever I specify for other non-gMail accounts.

you only have to add another “special”-IMAP folder for each account. Like it is with Sent, Drafts, Trash and Junk right now.

this would be a great function and is right now the only point why I still use TB - but I love your client and would really like to leave TB.

Hi if you’re using Gmail, you can automatically use the archiving feature, just press ctrl + shift + a to archive or change the shortcut in Tools > Settings  > General > Shortcuts.
For other accounts you’d have to enable automatic archiving which stores your email locally, thus isn’t much useful. But it’s important that the archiving is supported by the mail service which in case of Gmail or Google Apps it is.

Thank you,

ctrl+shift+a is not working for my gmail account. the mail is still in my inbox.

isn’t it simple to declare on folder for each account that is used for archiving? for gmail this is already defined, but for other accounts an option in the IMAP-folder-settings could solve this.

I think storing your mails locally is nowadays not really appropriate…

Can you see the archive button in your inbox? Does it work? It only works from the inbox. Unfortunately there’s no other way to do archiving at the moment. Moving emails to a folder “archive” is not really archiving and can’t be supported by the application at the moment. The Archiving feature has to be supported on the server.

Thank you for understanding,

ah ok, I was in the combined Inbox - it is not working in there.

ok, sad to hear this. will come back next year :wink:

I have new to eM Client.  So far I really like what I see and will upgrade shortly.   I have 3 Gmail accounts.  On two of my Gmail accounts, I can see the archive button in the eM Client, but on my personal (non-corporate) Gmail, I don’t see the archive button.  Why is this?  Can anyone advise how to make this work?

Did you upgrade to the paid version?  eM free supposedly only supports 2 free accounts.

I am using eM Client in “Demonstration Mode”.  I am evaluating if it will work.

Since you are using 1 more account than the free/trial version allows for, I would pay to get the premium version  in my honest opinion.

I deleted the 3rd account and now only using 2 accounts.  I plan on using this for business purposes, but prior to spending the money, I want to see if it can handle the archiving function of my personal gmail account.  Any insight would be helpful.  

I use a gmail account as well as a second   ( which I pay for. my Free eM handles both as if it was meant to do it that way!  I am very happy with eM.

Well I guess there is some setting some where that is disabling the ability to archive emails in my free Gmail account whereas I can easily perform this task in my paid corporate gmail account.

Any thoughts on what setting this would be, would be appreciated.