Archive folder remove


I had a chat with the staff and we concluded that the archive facility did not meet our specific needs. Our needs are specific as we are bound by statutory law.

We have removed “Archive” from the quick buttons at the top from each of our clients.

We are unable to find a way to remove the Archive directory from our Imap drive, because delete in the context menu is greyed out. When we “hide” the folder another folder called “more” appears. Maybe the ability to hide the More folder whilst the Archive folder is in it would work.

Please explain how we can remove the Archive folder (which will forever remain empty.) or hide the More folder when Archive is in it.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

why don’t you just delete if you want the archive to be empty?

It is a system folder provided by the server. You can just delete it in the client application.

It needs to be configured on the server.

I mean delete the message, then the folder doesn’t matter.

Could you not “hide” this folder with the IMAP code suggested here

Or is this “local” folders in EmClient?

I found a solution but not through EM Client.

The folder “Archive” was empty and I wanted to delete it from the folder list. However, in EM Client the delete option was greyed out.

In a previous post someone said about the folder being on the server. I logged into the server using a web based client and I was able to delete the “Archive” folder, and it subsequently disappeared from EM Client.

So, problem solved, but not because of EM Client’s abilities.

Many Thanks