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I use an Android phone (HTC) which I currently sync (calender, contacts, etc) with Outlook - I would like to change to eM Client but don’t want to lose the sync ability. Will eM Client sync with an Android phone?

eM Client does not support physical synchronization with your PC but you can synchronize all your data over the air (using a cloud service like Gmail).

OK, do you mean using Google calendar and contacts, in effect I’d have to switch to using them rather than using the calendar and contacts in eM Client if I wanted to sync stuff?


that’s incredible!
Of course, the program needs full Android Sync
Please let me know when this will be implemented

Yes, it’s a real shame and I’ve not switched to eM client for this reason. My wife uses it and it’s fine for her but I need contact and calendar sync as I currently get with Outlook.

ya. it will certainly prevent me from switching. android sync s an absolute MUST these days. and certainly NOT via gooogle. USB and CARD/CALDAV. Also: OwnCloud must be supported as a place as this platform is gaining a lot of ground due to the latest prism revelations. people just want their own cloud and so do I.

OK, we will consider it but I cannot promise anything.

You can sync with android using the apps from Marten Gajda with any Caldav-Server. More informations under
I’m using it with owncloud and before that with davical.



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ahh. thx a lot.

good to know this solution. however, it would be much better if emclient would be able to sync itslf properly.

these days, this is a must.

I’m just finding this out now that EM doesn’t sync with Android. A huge minus. I love the program but I need it to sync with my Android devices. Will you be changing this soon? I don’t want to switch back to Thunderbird but I may have to.


I understand you, however we focus mainly on Windows so better solution to this is not planned at the moment.


That’s a real shame and means that I have to stick with using Outlook…

I am sorry to hear this, but we really can’t focus on everything even that we would like to.
We have some plan for next updates/versions and it is hard to push anything into it.

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Hello George - How would I sync my data with my android phone using Gmail?


Depends on what data and if your android phone supports them, anyway basically you need to set-up same Gmail account in eM Client and on Android device.

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Having just bought an additional computer and not wanting to pay silly prices for Outlook I’ve installed emclient and am using it to sync with Google calendar and contacts, and it’s great - there’s no need to sync my Android phone with the pc any more, it’s all done automatically. I didn’t even need to set anything up (although I did already use a gmail address), it did it all - amend or add an item on Google calendar or contacts and it automatically updates emclient, and vice versa, no need for physical sync with the phone any more, and of course it now syncs contacts and calendar (and of course email) across all my devices - phone, tablet, 3 computers. I just need to figure out some of the rule settings and assuming that works out I can see me dumping Outlook on my main pc altogether, it’s now redundant. Yippee!


I am glad that it all works for you :slight_smile:


I’ve done this ‘Google middleware’ solution too, and it’s great and works a charm. Like Neil says above, it just works. Can’t believe I put up with crappy HTC sync with Outlook, this works so much better. Just make sure your Contacts always have a Category else Google won’t sync it to Android device

Regarding a mobile app, I understand your need to focus on the desktop application and keeping it top notch. Providing a mobile app is not really your responsibility. However, I join others on this forum in wishing earnestly for an eM Client Android app, or anything comparable and compatible, as my desktop PIM is only as useful to me as my ability to get that data onto my mobile device, and vice versa.  

I’m looking to upgrade from a Palm phone that I’ve been syncing with my computer locally, to a full bore smartphone that will sync via a cloud service. I’m determined to have my PIM data physically residing on both my computer and phone in apps that I can access with or without Internet access. In shopping the list of smartphones available at my provider’s website, I noticed that a lot of them do not even show a calendar component and none of them that I looked at mentioned a task manager. I engaged in a live chat session with a Samsung rep today and asked them about syncing a Galaxy S5 with Google’s tasks component. They told me the phone doesn’t have a component for that. I spent the rest of the day looking for an Android app or other solution that would do what I want without having to setup special software on a server or such. After following dozens of leads and researching at least 10-15 apps and products, I’ve come up with three that I’m quite hopeful of - GTasks, Todoist and TickTick.
I find myself dumbfounded at the lack of such a basic personal organizer component on a smartphone that in my mind should be productivity tool.
I realize this is exceptionally long winded, but I wanted to make clear why an eM Client Android app, or something similar, is really needed. Without it, I feel my future smartphone’s potential usefulness as a syncable PIM device is hanging by a thread or will require a bunch of caldav, exchange server, server software installation, etc, etc, technical stuff that would require having my own IT guy living in the closet in my basement.
Thanks for the great product!