Always download pictures from this sender?

Hi Everyone, and Seasons Greetings.
I have had this problem for ages but decided to see if there is a fix.
Re: " Download pictures or always download pictures from this sender ".

For every email I get, both new and existing senders, I always need to select download pictures, even if I select " Always download pictures. "

Any fix for this, please?

Thanks, Rob

That is strange the “Allways download pictures” option isn’t remembered in eM Client.

You can optionally add these specific contacts to your “Whitelist senders” to allow the images all the time automatically in eM Client Privacy settings.

Go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Privacy”.

See the extract quotes below from the eM Client support page.

"Display content from whitelisted senders.

With this option you can block everything but content from senders in your Whitelist - which is a list of senders you can curate by adding trusted contacts into it via the option to ‘always download pictures from this sender‘ in the information bar under the message header. Using the ‘Manage Whitelist…’ button you can view and remove any contacts if you change your mind".

"Display content from people in contact list.

This option will use all addresses in your contact list as an automatic Whitelist. This can be useful when you curate your contacts and keep only trusted senders in them, but some email providers with synchronized address books can add some emails to your list automatically when you respond to them, so keep this in mind before using this option or check to see if this feature is present and desirable for your purposes".

You can also set in eM Client Privacy to allow all unsafe content to then allways allow images.

Display unsafe content in all messages.

“This option will automatically download and show all external content, no matter who it is from or if it contains any email tracking elements. It is the least secure option”.

I can definitly confirm this. The bug still exists in version 9.2.2093.

Maybe @Gary can give us an update on this?

Just found a solution for this as pointed out here Always download pictures from this sender - #2 by broose by @broose. As you can see, the solution is very counter intuitive but it seems to work for me.