Always download pictures from this sender

After the last update 9.0.1317 the “always download pictures from this sender” is not working on the majority of email addresses. This is true even for past addresses that had this set is not working. Trying to reset this on current email is not working.

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External content blocking changed in v9. The upgrade seems to set “Block external content” by default (or maybe you and I set it).

Go to Settings > Mail > Privacy. Poke the Manage Whitelist… button. I’ll bet you’ll find all your prior trusted sources. Select “Display content from whitelisted senders” and poke Apply. I think you’ll be good to go.

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Thanks – this works!

But actually this is extremly counter intuitive. I’ve been hitting the “always download pictures from this sender” link for the last couple of weeks and was very angry, that it didn’t work. I think, there should be some optimization made to this “interface” element in the future @Gary

This option in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy is enabled by default, so it will work without changing any settings. Just click to always show pictures from the sender in the email preview.

However, if you hare disabled that setting, the whitelist won’t be in play unless you enable the option again.

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