Always display blocked content for this sender

Add functionality to the “View Blocked Content” button that allows for trusting the sender so you don’t have to click this button each time an email comes in and without having to add the sender to your contacts list.

It sounds reasonable, I will add some kind of whitelist for that as a request to our official feature requests list.

Ye…I sewcond this. I really like eMClient but it does lack a few of the common things other clients have. Really needs a way (other than contacts list) to flag a sender as safe or not.

Yes, this would be a great feature to have.

I was just coming over here to request this same feature. I don’t want to trust all my contacts since Google updates them without my approval. But a white list would be awesome for lots of my purposes.

I just downloaded this after dealing with ANOTHER Windows Mail issue. I am so tired of the crap MS puts out.

Anyway, this was one thing I was looking for as well. I created an Other Contacts folder to put all those things in that I get (order confirmations, newsletters, etc.) so they are not in the main contacts folder and then allows blocked content to show.

However, I too think a white list option, or “add to safe senders list” would be a good option to have.

Yes, I request similar thing little more than a year ago. There should be both a whitelist or blacklist option. Not just allow what in your contact. There’re plenty of scenarios that I don’t want to view the content of people in my contact list.

+1 - If it were possible to setup a whitelist (same as the blacklist under rules) then that would be fab!! :slight_smile:

White List! Do it! Do it! Please!

White list neeeeeeeed!

Yes, That is a feature that I really miss. I look forward to getting it!

This is probably the most important feature for me to buy the pro version. Otherwise I really like this product!

A work around for this is to not block anything from people in your contact list and then create a separate contact list as a white list for those addresses that you don’t want in your standard contact list.

A better approach would probably be to whitelist (and blacklist) http addresses. It’s very easy to spoof the “from” address in a mail and then include links to undesired content.

The allow button could have a drop down of options, allow from sender, allow from all web references, and a list of web references.

For the moment I just whitelist as suggested by everyone else ;-).

I just purchased,is there no way to allow content all the time I don’t what to have to click each time.

Yes. Tools->Settings->Read->Display unsafe content in all messages

Thank you very much.

Considering how feature packed eM Client is, I was surprised to find out that it doesn’t have this feature. Especially considering it’s such a common feature, almost every other email client has it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. Like Roger, I was having to click every time and was finding this a nuisance.

+1 for this as well. What would even be greater is if we were able to import a safe senders list from Outlook (it’s stored as a line-break text file with just the address filter to allow)