Also: Created CardDav Synced Address Book - It appears in account list but not visible in contacts sidebar


I just Created a CardDav Synced Address Book - It appears in the internal (settings) account list but is not visible in the main contacts sidebar or anywhere else

Where is the Carddav created address book, and how do I save an address to it?

I tried saving one address as a test, Em Client only offered the non-card dav address books as options for saving ‘to’

There is a forum topic on this issue at Error setting CalDAV but the host appears to be a bit ‘coy’ about providing public info…only wants logs sent privately. the catch 22 is, I need card dav to work before I buy a pro lience.



If you add a CardDAV account, but no folders appear in eM Client, it means the the CardDAV URI is incorrect. You will need to check with the provider what the correct URI is for desktop apps.