Allow Sent Mail to be Saved in Folder Where Email is Replied or Forwarded From

I routinely save the majority of my emails to include those that I send so that I have a record of what I sent and when I sent it. I do this by keeping these sent emails in the folder that the original email is being stored in. It would be nice if you could have eM Client automatically put a copy of the sent email in the folder where you are replying or forwarding an email from so that you don’t need to go to the Sent Messages folder and copy the email from there.


Hi, this is unfortunately not possible, we’re considering adding a “conversation view” to future releases as there’s been several user requests to do so.
We’re not sure when the feature will be implemented whether it will be in future releases of version 6 or in future versions.

I hope you understand,

A conversation view would be nice. I think that would pretty much do what we’re asking, although I guess it could be pulling messages from any folder then, right?

As for this idea not being possible, I’m not sure I understand why. From a technical standpoint, wouldn’t it just be determining the folder where the original email is and then putting the sent copy in that folder instead of the Sent folder (or having it moved automatically from the Sent folder to the original email’s folder. That actually seems like it would be easier to code than a conversation view.

Thanks for the reply.

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Hi, yes that’s how conversation view usually works, the emails are still stored in their original folder.

The thing with the idea you’d mentioned is that it would be quite a nonstandard behavior, I believe you can’t find this in any current email client. It would take a lot of users to agree on this feature to be implemented for us to consider such a change.

Although you should be able to drag an email from the Sent folder to any other folder even inbox, or you could create a rule for all your sent messages to move the to inbox or any other folder instead of sent folder.

That would be the only current solution I guess.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks for the reply again.

Just as a point of note, Outlook does offer this as a standard option. Also, there is an add-on for Thunderbird that allows you to specify which folder a copy of the sent email should be stored in.

As for the rule suggestion, that would not really work as I would like the sent email to be copied to the current folder, which you can’t specify. You need to select a specific folder for the rule.

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Hi ok, I didn’t catch the part with a ‘copy’ previously. Ok we’ll consider adding this to future releases. Thank you for pointing this out.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings,

That would be terrific. In the meantime, I’ll just do it manually by moving it from the Sent folder to the current folder. A little cumbersome, but it gets the job done.


Did this just get fixed in the most recent release???

It seems to for my hotmail account.

Before all of my sent email from em went into what was a local folder I think. It sure didn’t show up in the hotmail “sent” folder.

It causes HUGE problems with my system indexer Copernic. By the way, if you’re looking for something that will search your files, emails, pictures, mustic, etc. this thing does it. I can’t live without it which is why emClient was such a big problem for me.

emClient is so much better than Windows Live Mail, but without Sent mail going into the HOTMAIL SENT MAIL folder, it has been of limited value.

But, now it seems to work. Can someone verify for me that this release fixes that???

When I moved/copied sent mail from the local folder to the hotmail folder it resent all of those emails to people. VERY confusing for everyone!

Hi, what you’re describing is not really the issue The Merg was describing, however our release notes don’t state anything about this being fixed, but nobody ever reported this issue to us, this should be working properly in previous versions as well. Depends on your settings.

Let me know if you register the issue again (but maybe in a new topic).

Thank you,

Hi Paul… thank you very much for the response with an explanation.

I did have the issue describe and it went away. There’s a related issue I have a question about that again deals with sent message. The “TO” field is set to my ME when viewing the message in a message list such as the sent messages list on or in Windows live mail. It of course looks correct in the message list within eMClient. (ugh, another showstopper)

If I open the message, all is filled out correctly. This again throws off my indexer, Copernic.

Have you heard of this issue and should I open a new topic or ticket?

I used this feature on Outlook and it’s absence is probably the only gripe that I have about emclient. Having the ability to save the reply in the originating folder (not inbox) saves time and reduces chances of loosing the chain of an email.

Hi, I’m glad the issue was fixed. I’m not completely sure if I understand your second issue, are you maybe able to make a screenshot of this issue?

Thank you,

I do not like the suggestion of a conversation view keeping sent replies together.  It is a poor suggestion because the Sent folder will end up holing a huge number of files.

Far better to automatically save or move replies in the same folder as its parent or the current folder for new emails.

I have used this feature in Outlook AND Thunderbird (add-in ‘copy sent to current’) for years so it is not a novel feature. I keep all communications nicely filed in every client’s folder.

The sooner eM can boast the feature then I will make eM my preferred email client and recommend it to all my clients. Till then we will be staying with Thunderbird, sorry.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this for future updates.


Possibly a quick solution would be to add ‘Current Directory’ into the Rules Action Move to Folder list. Then a rule on Send could achieve the result requested

Please do. Thanks.

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That could definitely work. The one exception is that there would need to be the ability to exclude folders from when the rule is executed, i.e. when you are replying to an email in your inbox as you would want the sent mail to be in the Sent Mail folder.

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Probably not worth the effort to make conditional destination folders. I rarely reply to emails in the InBox since they are already rule moved to a client folder.

My thought was more that all rules usually have exceptions, so the exception in this case would be that if the current folder is one where you don’t want sent mail saved, it would then use the sent mail folder.

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