Allow custom rules to run external programs

I would like to be able to create a custom rule that runs an external program, passing in the e-mail’s attachment as the first command-line argument.

I know this is a very specific use-case, but it would allow me to automate a process I do regularly.

Similar to FiltaQuilla addon for Thunderbird. Please don’t just limit it to the attachment. I use FiltaQuilla to send (filtered) emails sender/subject/body to Growl using the commandline:…

I would really like this functionality in emClient so I can move all my Thunderbird clients to emClient. Thanks in advance.

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Filter to external program like thunderbird.

Recently moved to emClient from Thunderbird. Am loving it. Previously I was using a filter addon on TB called FiltaQuilla. With that utility there is a Filter action of “run a program”. I had set it up to run:… and all was good… I was passing over the subject line, plus first 150 characters of the body… How can I do that with emClient ???

I have merged topics with same feature requests for better orientation on forum.


Hi, Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this in close future, because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.