Agglomerate all related emails in a thread


I have just tried eM Client and I think it is a nice product, but I don’t have find the option to agglomerate all related emails in a thread, like Thunderbird.

Did I miss something or this option doesn’t exists ? If it doesn’t exits, do you plan to implement it ?

we are currently work on grouping and threading support. It is planned to be in v2.6 which is to be released in 3-5 weeks.


thanks you for your quick answer. I will get a license to fully evaluate your product and wait for the new version


I’m working with version 2.6 now, and have the same question. I can’t find the option for threading. Is it available in this version, or will it be in a next version?


kris VM

Even in new version 3.0, there is no thread mode. Is it coming or not?

We are planning this feature in some (more distant than near) future version. Meanwhile you can use Communication history in right sidebar (when you click at mail you want to see thread of) - but only synchronized mails will be shown there.

After using thunderbird for several years, I had switched to the Zimbra email client (which comes with our Zimbra server) in hopes of eventually finding the perfect client. Em has been perfect including all of the new features such as integrated chat (with our company jabber server).

However, I’m disappointed to see that I have to stop using it because of this. It seems quite an elementary feature.

I urge you to add this feature so that maybe months or years from now, I can come back and use eM.

We offer communication history in right side-bar under Contact Details tab (if you click at some mail/contact) as an alternative for the threading of conversations. Can this be satisfactory for you?

No! Please do email threads and I’ll buy your program!

It should be implemented in the version 6.

You guys planned to implement this feature about three years ago. Then you planned to ad this feature in version 5. Now you telling that it is going to be in version 6. Come on, implement this feature as fast as possible and your product will be one of the best products on the market!

Totally agree, please get this feature implemented asap!

Threaded emails is a very basic feature

FYI, there is currently no viable alternative to Thunderbird that has threading. So I would think that this should be right on top of your to do list considering I know a lot of people that can’t live without threading.

We are aware that it is very important feature and I can assure you that we will implement it as soon as it is possible.

There is: Postbox, a Thunderbird fork. It has very excellent threading, better than Thunderbird. It has a conversational view that aggregates all e-mails into the message view, even if the mails are in different folders. It will also hide duplicate quotes. One of the best features of Postbox. Too bad it’s so slow with email and calendars that I just had to switch to eM client, which is a lot faster.

Please look at the conversation view of Postbox before implementing this in eM Client. It’d be great if you could do something similar or improve upon it.

Also, there is The Bat! program that has message threads too, but it hasn’t calendar feature.

How is it going? :slight_smile:

It is still under development.

Still “under development” eh?

This has been the case for quite a few years now looking at the forum

You know I don’t actually think this is something your programmers are capable of achieving.

If it was it would have been done by now.

Harsh, but apparently true.

Man, I found this client today - got it all setup and loved it. Then… I found out that threaded emails isn’t possible and has been promised for 3 years.

Time to move on I guess… bummer