After deleting an open email, if we want another message to appear, let us choose whether we see the next or the previous message

After deleting an open email, I would like to be able to choose which email I see next. There is now an option in version 6 NOT to open another message at all which is good and should be kept but let’s take it a step further. eMClient already knows the date order from the ‘set date sort order’ option so all we need is: After message is deleted, show ‘next’ or ‘previous’.

Hi, I have changed this topic to idea as it suit more, anyway implementation of this function depends on user ̈s requests, the more users will vote for this the higher chance of implementation.


I think it’s not related to the sort order on ‘date’.

What should eM Client do when the sort-order is not on date, but on ‘size’ for example?

I think eM Client should still select the ‘next’ or ‘previous’ e-mail after an e-mail has been deleted.

That’s right, Hans. I used date only as an example although I should think most people will be sorting on date.
Setting ‘previous’ or ‘next’ should simply select the message above or below the one you are on in the list so it will be using whatever sort order is being used at the time. Perhaps it could be called ‘above’ and ‘below’.

This is topic with issue with similar feature, it might be useful for someone…


I also would like this… even in the inbox.  For example, mail is sorted with most recent at the top (which i want).  However, I’d like to read ‘up’ from the oldest as i catch up on older mail.  So, I’d like to move “up” as i start at the oldest unread.  But, now, it goes to the next one “down”.  So it’s a bit of a pain to read email.   I suspect “most” people would want to read oldest to newest.  Outlook has this option (to choose which direction to move on delete) and it applies to deleting from the inbox and from open messages (also if ‘open next’ is also chosen).  Please, please, please offer this option as it’s the 1 most annoying ‘misssing’ feature for me.  Thank you so much.  Otherwise, love eMClient!

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’re considering adding the feature for future releases.

Thank you for undestanding, I hope you can manage to use the current settings,

I would also like to see the ability to choose ‘next message’ or ‘previous message’ as the options after deleting a message that is being read.

Let me upvote this suggestion also, to allow me to open the message above after deleting the currently open message.  I just started using eM Client and I love it, but this is the one missing feature that might prevent me from using the product.  It might seem like a little thing but I’ve developed years of habits of how to work through my inbox quickly, and this is just how I’ve always learned to do it.  This feature is available in Outlook, Thunderbird and other email clients. Again I am really impressed by eM Client but it feels like driving a car where the gear shift works in the opposite direction than I expect.

The move to next email after delete is the option that is not needed.  The default should be to display the next newest email.  Email should be read in chronological order and these extra steps are very irritating.  To the point of possibly not choosing your product.

Hi David, thank you for your constructive criticism, we’re considering your thought, eM client is currently working on a new redesigned upgrade, you can check out the preview on our facebook page.


I agree and would also like to vote for this being implemented ASAP.


Having purchased em client a few days ago, I am generally pleased with the software, with one exception, it doesn’t show the next newest email after deleting a message. Instead, it shows the next oldest which is completely unintuitive and very annoying.

When I go through my unread messages, I start with the oldest one and move to the newest one. Deleting a message should facilitate this flow, not work counter to it. At the very least, there should be an option in the settings to decide which way to go to show the next or the previous message after a deletion and after moving a message to another folder.

This issue on its own is making me hesitate on whether I will keep using em client or not.

When viewing email in it’s own window after moving the message or deleting it, etc. next message will be shown.
Next message will be chosen based on your sort order so if you’re using the newest on top, an older message will be shown. If you’re using oldest on top, newer message will be shown.


I have just installed eM Client and have found this same issue. I want newer emails added to the top of my screen and work my way from older dated emails at the bottom to the top.

I know this is an old thread but still current and request this option to select Previous or Next be added.


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It seems that it has not been resolved until now. Or is there a solution if after deleting a message I want to jump to the next / newer message?

I would like this feature too: I clean my inbox regularly and only leave messages that are of importance. When I archive/delete a message, I want to move to the newest message, not the oldest…
Outlook has this feature
"After moving or deleting an open item open the previous/next item…

Allowing for the fact that this was requested in 2014 and is fairly trivial coupled with the fact that in that year the support team acknowledged the simple request, how on earth has it not been sorted by now 2022? I see other people have logged replies constantly and even this year so I can’t be on my own.
It is a real pain as I look at an email, delete it and then find I am looking at an old email and I have to go and find the next in order.
I have removed conversations from the equation in case that was causing issues but no real difference.
Google have just wiped out connectivity with all old versions of outlook, so there will be many like me looking for an alternative, but to go from a very simple email process to a bit of a nightmare is detrimental to the effect you desire for new customers to hang around.

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Thanks for your support, yellowcave. I’ve given up on any help from eM Client on this or indeed any bugs or improvements I’ve discussed with them. Currently, version 8 doesn’t even start properly for me and I’ve had a ticket open on this since v8 was launched. It’s also started to run very slowly to the point of sometimes not being able to open emails at all without restarting.

If you give the ticket number I will look into it tomorrow.