Add to Evernote button

I am almost at the stage of switching to eM Client from Outlook (on one computer) and Thunderbird (on another computer). The only thing that’s stopping me is the lack of an ‘Add to Evernote’ button, which both Outlook and Thunderbird have. I use this facility a lot and not having it on eM Client is a showstopper. Can you do one?

I’m sorry but we don’t plan to implement this functionality, yet.

A pity. Any idea when it might happen, or if it’s likely at all?

I don’t know how probable it is that it will be implemented in future but it won’t be anytime soon.

I keep everything in Evernote and would like to see this option added. Any news?

As far as I know, it’s not implemented. I say as far as I know, because I have given up on emClient and gone back to Outlook. I loved emClient but it had too many rough edges and bugs that the makers seemed in no hurry to iron out. I guess they are a small operation and don’t have the resources to Fix things quickly. I was using it professionally, but it wasn’t professional quality.

Thanks for the comment John…

I’m not sure how hard it will be to add this feature, but hope to see it in an upcoming update. I used Outlook for years with an Exchange server, but it’s not a good IMAP client even when using the Google Apps sync tool, which is why I’m hopeful eM works out well. A few tweaks and this good program could be excellent and, by far, the best Windows client for anyone using Gmail or Google Apps.

Also an evernote user and I love emclient, but am using postbox until this feature is added.

Any news about this? It would be great to have an evernote button implemented!

I would vote for this. I am a em client and evernote user.

this is also the one thing keeping me from switching. i would be a paying customer if that heps

Another vote for an “add to evernote” feature. For many evernote users (like me) this will be a nonstarter. I was going through my first day trying out emclient and liking it quite well until an email came in that (in my workflow) needs to go to evernote. off to google. ended up here. disappointed. moving on to try another tool.

I’m an MS OneNote user, and for now, I’m using good old fashioned copy/paste until eM hopefully implements the “send to” functionality. I’ve had eM for some time and I like it.

Another vote to the “add to evernote” feature.

Great product so far, another vote for Evernote integration, and please add GoToMeeting API as well as with Outlook.

i need this function too, Love em-client and evernote. so let them become friends.

One would think after 2 years of consideration that this request could have squeezed into the development timeline. How about it eM Client?

This is scheduled to be implemented in the upcoming version 6.

Great news !! Thanks for reply. Is there an ETA for v6 & is there a beta channel that one can subscribe to?

In the office i (have to) use outlook, in the field and at home a only use em-client (great stuff, I love it) and since last week im in love with evernote (its my information CENTER) so all buttons that transfer information to evernote (i.e. from outlook or em-client) are more than welcome. let me know when its there. Ill be waiting.