Accepting invite does not create an calendar entry

When I receive an invite via email from e.g. an iPhone and accept it, there will be no entry in my calendar.

I use IMAP/SMTP for email with an GMX account and CALDAV als calendar protocol. The CALDAV calendar is the standard calendar of my IMAP account.

Could be wrong, but I do not think this level of syncing is supported. I have to manually place a calendar entry in EMC (or the iPhone or iCloud) then all is synced including wife’s iPad. I’m totally fine with the fact that iCloud, iPhone, iPad and EMC are synced but a human has to initially  make an entry.

Do not think simply accepting an evite will do anything. Maybe it does if you are operating in the 100% Apple world.

Hello Markus,
what version of eM Client are you currently running? Check the exact number in Help>About section.

When you click accept in the message, does the event not get written to the calendar at all, or is it perhaps white/pending? Does it appear in the webmail calendar? Do you have perhaps more calendar folders set up and it’s in different one?


I am using 7.0.26482.0. But I had the same problem already with the last 6.xx version.

The event does not get written at all. I checked all calendars, which is only the one default CalDAV and the standard lcoal calendar.

I just deleted the calender and created the account new. But this dindn ́t help either.

This is a bit annoying, because I was hoping to use that feature.



Can anyone help me please. This is an elemtary fearure, that I need. And I want to stay with EM Client.

I am experiencing a similar problem.  Events are not appearing in my calendar when added via an invitation (I click ‘accept’ invitation but it doesn’t appear on EM Client calendar) or when added via a 3rd party Android calendar app on my phone. 

I am synced to Office 365.  All the events that are not appearing in EM Client are appearing in my web-access Office 365 calendar. 

How can I fix this?  I am using version 7.02.

Are the other events viewable in the web interface also viewable in eM Client?

Gary, thanks for your response. Other events viewable in the web interface are not viewable in eM Client.

Can you check that the calendar is selected in eM Client. Each calendar that you want to view should have a tick in the colored box. If the box is not ticked, click on the box (not the calendar name).

In this example only events in the blue, orange and purple calendars will be visible.

Hi.  Yes, all the calendars are selected.  This is a screenshot of my eM Client as it is now.  I still do not see calendar items from invitations that I have accepted, or items that are visible in the Office 365 web interface.  Thanks. 

Is your account setup as Exchange or IMAP?

I am not sure.  How do I check?

If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts, then click on your account. On the right there should either be an IMAP tab or an Exchange Web Service tab.

Thanks.  I’m using Exchange. 

One thing you could try is to remove that account from eM Client, then add it again.

I am having this problem as well.  Accepting calendar invitations using emClient’s “Accept” button does NOT properly accept the Gmail calendar invite.  The person who invited me sees that it was accepted but my own calendar on Google’s site shows it as “Needs attention” and it is unclickable.  emClient somehow puts the calendar entry into an unfixable state.