A persistent error message

My issue is identical to the one described in .mailboxlist. I have a folder in eM called .mailboxlist and it can not be removed. It does not exist on the server, and it throws an error every single time email is checked. Removing the period or renaming the folder is possible, but the error is persistent.
The other post offers no resolution so I hope you can provide one short of changing clients?
Thank you.

Does list mailboxlist appear in any prev email client ?

Also do you have an IMAP / Exchange type account.

I haver not used another client, has been eM for many years, just getting really tired of the errors for some reason. I do use the providers web client, which does not show the folder. I am using IMAP.

Googling around “Mailboxlist” folder appears on “differant mail clients” depending on their specific type of mail server and alot of these customers also had iphone mail apps with that Mailboxlist folder appearing on the app and couldn’t get rid of it either, even after deleting the folder multiple times.

Could be a mail server phantom / hidden folder that’s causing this folder to appear in mail clients.

Can you please try the following:

  1. Make a backup using Menu > Backup

  2. Go to Menu > Accounts and remove the email account, then add it back again.

Once the account is added back again, it will display all the folders that the server says are available for syncing via IMAP. If this mailboxlist folder is there, then your server is saying it exists with them and should be syncing with the client.

If the provider can’t resolve the issue for you, please contact me directly. gary@emclient.com

Thanks guys. I performed the back and restore which did nothing, so I knew it was on the server. I located it, had to change some permissions and such, but then was able to remove the folder there. Then removed it locally, and error is gone now. Thanks for helping out.

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