5.0 - download pictures - Is there an "always"

Is there a way to pick “always download pictures” from this sender?

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment, but you can allow displaying of messages from people in your contact list: Open Tools - Settings - Mail - Privacy and choose the option “Display unsafe content in messages from people in Contact list”.

This is a pretty basic feature. Don’t get me wrong - not having this doesn’t make me love the software less, but it is a pain to constantly click ‘download pictures’. When is a fix planned?

We have it in our todo list but I cannot provide you any exact time frame of it.

I agree, this is a feature that needs to be implemented in an update in the short term.

I also agree, this is a feature that needs to be implemented in an update in the short term.

Please add me to the list of people who want the choice of automatic downloading of images.

Please implement this feature.

pls implement this feature soon

there is a radio button that says display all contents. try that…?


Yes, but thta downloads all linked content for all senders, spammers and marketers included. The idea is to have a “display contents” whitelist.

True, that is why i made it a question. :slight_smile: If a person don’t like it, then can change back…

We plan to implement it soon, but meanwhile you can workaround it by adding the contacts to your contact list and using the option “Display unsafe content in messages from people in contact list”.

George, this thread has been active for about 4 months. Can you provide even a loose time estimate as to when this feature might be implemented and made available in a new build? I know developers hate when users ask for ETAs but this feature imo is something that should have been in the initial release. Thanks.

I’m on version 5.0.17944.0 and I can see an option called “Display unsafe content in all messages” under Tools/Settings/Mail/Privacy. I guess this should show pictures in all emails. However, there must be a bug as I can’t see any pictures in the emails even with this option on.

It’s working for me!

appears to be working for me as well.

Here’s my vote for an enhancement equivalent to Outlook’s “Always download pictures from this sender” feature.

I realize it means creating a behind-the-scene database of senders for tracking which ones I want to always show pictures from, but this would be highly convenient for eM Client users.

I guess most of us would like this feature, but I have a workaround for those of you who use Gmail as their list of contacts. If you select " Display unsafe content in messages for people in the contact list" and then right click on the sender’s address, you can then add this contact – but don’t add it to Gmail contacts, add it to Contacts in your Local Folder. This is the same as saving a white-list. It’s a bit clumsy but workable and won’t mess up your Gmail contacts.

George’s initial work around is great for me, I’m not sure I understand the need to go further with this.