12/7/20 Corrupt Install File: v8.1.876

I didn’t have an issue with it.

But if the application was not working, no need to restore your system. Just uninstall eM Client, then download and install the previous version from the Release History.

Hi Gary. Yours is a better method. My system is so fast that restore takes about five minutes. Others with slower systems should use your recommendation.

Wish I had known this BEFORE I installed it!!!

So how do I restore this?-- I am on Windows 10 and tried to do Restore previous
version and it says there are no previous versions-- need major help please as to how to fix this
thanks nancy k

Known what?

No need to restore anything. If you want to go back a version:

  1. Uninstall eM Client.
  2. Download the previous version from the Release History.
  3. Install.

To be more specific abt my question–I see from what Gary posted that you need to uninstall eM Client and then install a version BUT WHICH VERSION?–there are 2 for today–one for Dec 4 and one for Nov 25 and Nov 24…

once I re-install eM Clinet, how do I restore my email from backup???

Whatever version you were using. If you updated after Friday, not including today, it will be 8.1.857.

Unless you deleted your database directory during the uninstall, there will be no need to restore. Everything will be there as before. If you choose to delete the database directory then you will need to restore using Menu > File > Restore.

Gary–THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUICK AND INFORMATIVE REPLY–I very much appreciate it as I have sometimes waited a day or 2 for a reply…

For those of you who are not quite as savvy computer wise like Gary and like me feel like your are an idiot when doing things like this ( or run Win10)–here is what I had to do which maybe NOT what Gary ran into…

First I downloaded version 8.1.857–I then tried to uninstall eM Client–Win10 has an Uninstall programs–eM Client wasn’t listed–went to start menu where programs are listed–tried to uninstall from there–didn’t work—so tried to install version 8.1.857–did NOT work–it said there was a newer version already installed–so went back and started looking again for eM Client–found one under program files–tried uninstalling that and reinstalling version 8.1.857–still did NOT work still saying there was a newer version already installed…

Fortunately I had also downloaded version 8.1.876.0 from eM Client–in that there was a REPAIR OPTION–THAT DID NOT WORK EITHER!!!
BUT there was an uninstall option in version 8.1.876.0 and that did uninstall
eM Client finally and then I installed version 8.1.857–which finally worked YEAH!!!–had a few problems getting it set up again BUT got it and luckily my emails finally reloaded…

guess you can figure out why my user name is my headache when it takes almost 2 hours to fix a corrupt version…

Not to be a pain here BUT is there any way to get my Contacts and tasks back into eM CLIENT–the emails came back BUT not the task and contacts-- or do I need to backup my contacts for future use…

thanks in advance

I think this comes down to a simple misunderstanding of how to uninstall applications in Windows 10.

The easiest way is to find the application in the Apps & features section of Windows 10 Settings and choose the Uninstall option.

So you deleted your database during the uninstall.

Hello Senior Advisor. I received the same message regarding installation of ver 8.1.876.0. I have tried all the ‘fixes’ mentioned and nothing has worked. I do not want to lose the emails I have in my local folders. I have uninstalled em client, ran my Registry First Aid to remove unwanted ‘bits’ that may have been left over, restarted my PC tried to reinstall ver 8.0.3385.0, which is the version I was running before I tried the 8.1.876.0 update. How can I install em client ver 8.0.3385.0 again. Which folders of my original installation of 8.0.3385.0 should I backup, so as not to lose my ‘local folders’? How do I completely remove em client, including all folders, and start over from scratch?

A basic layman’s question: when we follow your suggestion (i.e., to uninstall the eM Client that is not working, and then install the previous version), our email file will not be lost in the process?

I had the same problem but did complete uninstall … go t the program up and running and got my hotmail account working but I can not get the gmail to load … I know it needs password but it goes to the window and keeps saying this may take some time … after 2 hours I figure I gave it more than enough time. I did not get any window to ask for my password I have tried 6 to 8 times now and followed all suggestions but can not get gmail loaded.

To answer your question:

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Try disabling your anti-virus/firewall application, then try again.


This problem occurs because of the failed uninstallation. It is most likely caused by a 3rd party application that prevented the installer from replacing some or all the libraries in the installation folder. Fortunately, there is an easy way around it:

  1. Open Control panel (type “Control Panel” in Start search) > Programs and Features > eM Client > Uninstall
  2. Then, go to File Explorer > This PC > (C:) > Program Files (x86) > make sure eM Client folder is not there. If it is, delete it.
  3. Download eM Client again https://www.emclient.com/dist/v8.1.876/setup.msi and install.
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I have the same problem:


It’s working perfectlly.

Thanks so much.

That worked, but before I could delete the eM Client folder, I had to open it’s properties, and enable access to the current logged in user (Administrator user was not available). Once the folder was deleted, the reinstall worked perfectly, and I was back up and running with all the data. Thanks


Thank you
The uninstall etc worked👍