Lastest version of EMC 8.1

I’ve been using V 8.1 for a few days and works great :slight_smile:

Hey guys…thanks for the replies! I took a leap of faith and downloaded it. Played with Theme Editor a bit but find it to be very confusing. Having trouble defining the options to change in respect of just what they are on the screen?
I would have thought that when you made a change it would give you a preview in the editor of what it looks like to determine if you may want to try something else before having to hit Apply and then go back to EMC to see what it looks like?

It does.

  1. Select what you want to change.

  2. Select the color.

  3. See the preview.

There appears to be a bug in the theme editor on the Dark Theme when you click apply.

Im using Windows 10 V20H2.and EM Client V8.1.857 / AMD RX 570 8GB Video Card

If you open the Dark Theme and go to Theme Editor. Then click the “Scroll Bar Width” to make it the classic normal scrollbar thickness and click “Apply”, EM Client goes (All White) instead of Dark, but the Thick vertical Scroll bars do appear ok.

I then clicked Save in the Theme Editor and gave it a new Dark Theme Name. Then closed and reopened EM Client and changed to my new custom Dark Theme at the bottom of the Themes and still all white except that i do have thick scroll bars.

So manually had to save the Dark Theme and edit the scrollbar thickness it in Notepad the old way and it now works ok. So some bug in the Theme editor with Dark Theme & Scrollbar Width when you click Apply that its making EM Client screen go all white.

@Ricky2 After you click “Apply” you have to then click “Save” and give it a new Theme Name to try it.

Then go to Themes in EMC Settings and scroll right down the bottom and click on your new Theme and click Apply and Ok. If it doesn’t change straight away after doing that, close and reopen Em Client.

Note;- To delete the new theme, “Click on the Theme” at the bottom of themes and press “Delete” on your keyboard.

Hey “cyberzork” thanks for the reply and the detail provided.

Like I said the biggest problem I have is determining what it is that I am changing as the descriptions are many and not always what I am looking to change.I am sure that I will figure it all out through trial & error but it is time consuming!

Thanks again!! :upside_down_face:

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Yes, I think this is a misunderstanding of the way the editor works. It does not edit the pre-installed themes themselves. Just like previously, you had to edit an exported theme file, now you have to save the theme file as something else.

Does that make sense?

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Wow! Gary the theme editor is a mystery but your last reply has me running around the room backwards trying to decipher? :thinking:

@Gary Yes i now understand how the Theme editor works.

I was presuming the editor did edit the themes built-in directly by highlighting them and then pressing the Theme Editor. However all that did was open the Theme editor.

I downloaded 8.1 but get the error report CEF runtime version mismatch loaded version API hash …etc. I downloaded again from the website & ran the Repair program but the error returned. What now?

I was under the same impression? I understood that the theme editor could be used to enhace the themes that were there for selection. I am beginning to feel this theme editor may have been a waste of time for the developers. EMC is a great email program! We really do not need another “Paint” program but what we need is to ensure that the purpose of EMC (email, calendar, etc) is equal to or better than any other option available.
I think that a development of press button themes in whole would have been a better idea for those who would like to see some color on the screen. There are a number of alternatives there that should suffice. If you look at the competitors they also put fourth a few themes but how many of the EMC users are going to actually sit in front of the computer and play with the editor?

Just my opinion but I think that the time spent on the editor could have been better utilised on the operation and enhancements to the original purpose of EMC.


Thank you for your feedback. Theme editor is currently accessible from 2 places in eM Client:

  1. Menu -> Tools -> Editor
  2. Settings -> Appearance -> Themes
    Both of these places really just opens the Theme editor, the currently selected Theme is not used.
    Instead Theme editor is opened with a default Modern theme.
    That’s something we should change, thank you for the suggestion.
    However you can tweak the existing Themes very easily in the current version as well. Just open the Theme Editor, click on New, then choose Create from existing and you can select any of the existing theme to play with.

The decision to build an easy to use Theme editor is solely based on user feedback. It was one of the loudest feature request for years. We don’t expect that everybody is going to tweak his colors, but there is a community of users that wants to be creative and come up with the new themes and share them with other users.


my at&t email has stopped working. I deleted the account and when I try to create the account it tells me my password or email is bad yet I can get my email on my iphone ok.
TIm Miller

What version of eM Client are you using Tim?

Maybe this is of help:

Thanks for the reply. I was way off on this as I thought the editor was making changes to the theme I had selected? Selecting the theme provides a base to work from and then the user can modify the various options from that selection. However I am still having a problem understanding exactly what it is I am changing as the choices are somewhat confusing and don’t always show on the screen when changes are made.

Many users have had problems to the point of be forced to fully uninstall emclient and then install again. Back up before updating! and good luck!

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Hi @sabino

And your point?

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Appears to be a PSA (Public Service Announcement) :wink: :smiley:

And a very good one. :smile:

Regular backups are always a good idea, and especially before changes are made to the OS or applications. It can be trivial if all data is synced online, but for those who use POP3 or have data in Local Folders, it is absolutely essential.

Thanks for the reminder @sabino

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