Zoom integration missing Dial-in and Zoom invite details

Hi all,
It’s really great to have a zoom integration now.

When setting up a meeting in the eM Client calendar, the zoom meeting is created correctly but only a simple zoom link copied in the cal event link and text section.
The extended dial-in information like country specific “dial by your location”, “One tap mobile” dial-in etc. that zoom provides for invitation mails and that we usually use in our standard cal invitations are not put into the text/descripion section of cal event, like it is in outlook.

Trouble is, that I can only put the extended dial-in information into the cal event after sending out the invitation and update the event for all participants, as the Zoom link is generated with clicking the send out invitation button.

Is it possible to get this extended dial-in information/Zoom invite mail text in the cal invite automatically with sending out the invite in the first place?

Thank you!
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I agree with this issue. I work with several people with different kinds of disabilities, and with this setup i need to send the link to Zoom in a separate email anyway. I hope that it can at least be an option to also include the complete meeting information, also the meeting link, in the description. That would be helpful!

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we acknowledged this issue and we are working on fix/update to resolve this.

+1 !

Good feature but it’s a real pain to use

I would suggest to have the possibility to have template invites with dial-in by location + link + meeting id (similar to those generated by Zoom basically, but would be even better if we can personalize templates)


I tested my Zoom integration today to try to get this to work.

I first describe how I create the meeting with eM and Zoom, and then the result I get in Outlook:

  1. I schedule the meeting within Zoom application and use the ics-link to create the calendar invite - I get the link to the meeting in the Location field in outlook. Result in outlook: no content in the description.
  2. I schedule the meeting within Zoom application and copy-paste all the meeting info with links into a separate manually created calendar invite in eM. Result in outlook: no content in the description.
  3. I create the calendar invite in eM and add a Zoom meeting using the integration. Result in outlook: no link in the location field, no content in the description.

By now I get a bit frustrated.

  1. I create the calendar invite in eM and write something random in the description field. Result in outlook: no content in the description.

Can I help with more testing in some way?
When do you think you have a fix for this released?


what version of eM Client do you have?
You can find that out in Menu->Help->About.
I also have to ask whether you have dial-in enabled for that particular country in Zoom. Can you send us the ics file?

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The version number was not copy-paste:able :wink: you get a screenshot instead.
Yes, I have dial in enabled.
Of course! Where do I send that?

Edit - I can’t really figure out how to save the .ics-file, since eM is opening it… But I can “invite” you to the “meeting” if you want?

Edit #2 - I can’t reply more since I am considered as a new user, just so you know. I also found that I have Stockholm time set in Zoom, also in eM, but the calendar invite in eM is showing UTC time. All gets correct in the end but it is somewhat confusing.