Zoom integration does not work

When I go to Settings | Online Meetings | General , and click to add Zoom, a browser window opens and returns the following info on a Zoom page: “Invalid scope. Explore Marketplace”.

I have explored market place and found EMC and it directs me to install EMC, which I already have.

I am already logged into my paid for Zoom account.

How do I enable the Zoom integration?


viernes 27 agosto 2021 :: 1043hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @nrobinson

I use Teams, however, I went Menu -> Settings ->Online Meetings ->General ->add Zoom
takes me directly to Zoom Log in Page.

Update eMC Release History | eM Client
to latest version and try again

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Thanks Skybat.

So I logged out of Zoom, and then tried to add it and it seems to have worked.

Ensure you are logged out of your Zoom account before adding Zoom as an Online Meeting Provider!



Thanks @nrobinson, that solution worked for me!