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i am now trying 30-days Demo version of the eM Client and successfully have added Gmail account. However, with my second email, which is Zoho (with a custom domain) i coudln ́t connect even if i tried it both automatically and manually. Based on some comments i have found here, i also disabled my antivirus. None of that is working.

Hello Ladislav,
can I ask for more specifics about this account ? Are you setting it up as an IMAP or POP account? Is there an error message popping up? Can you copy the contents of Tools > Operations > Log tab for me?

Best regards,

Hello Olivia,

thank you for your message. However, meantime i have suceeded with the setup. I don ́t know, what was the problem, but when trying Diagnostic tool and still getting the unsuccessful result, i clicked on repair button and that fixed the issue somehow.  Then i was able to import my emails.

Thank you,

Hi Ladislav

Could you tell me where is repair button. I got succeed with smtp and struck at pop3 zoho

Hello Raja,

You can find the Diagnostics button in Menu > Tools > Accounts > your account > Diagnostics if the server allows is.