Zoho Carddav not finding addressbooks or contacts

Zoho recently added support for carddav.  They explicitly call out support for eM Client for caldav and this works perfectly.  With carddav, putting in the short form URL https://contacts.zoho.com/ doesn’t work - the error message from the error log reads 

Subfolder synchronization for folder “Zoho-Carddav” failed due to the following error: OK

no addressbook is created, and no contacts are found.  From looking at logs from other devices (so may not be 100% relevant), zoho responds to https://contacts.zoho.com/.well-known/carddav  with a redirect to /carddav/userid/default.

When I change the URL to reflect the redirect above - https://contacts.zoho.com/carddav/userid/default the error I get is

Subfolder synchronization for “0” failed due to the following error: Not Found

The Zoho documentation recommends using this long for Thunderbird-lightening with the SoGo connector


When I use that, there is no error, but no addressbook or contacts either.

I’ve contacted Zoho, and they are comfortable that the problem is not theirs, as the short form works for Apple devices and DMFS Carddav-sync on Android and the long form works on DavDroid on Android and Thunderbird.

I am using eM Client 7.0.26653.0

Any ideas how I can get this to work please?

Lastly as Zoho has finally added carddav, would it be possible to add Zoho as a config option? Given the only info needed is login information and everything else is static (IMAP changes from a user@zoho.com to a private domain - but again, its very simple), this should be relatively simple once carddav is working?



Hello Alan,

Please try to update eM Client and if issue still persists, you can send us logs from Menu>Tools>Operations>Logs press Ctrl+A and paste to notepad then send them to cooper@emclient.com.

Ultimately Zoho made some changes and things started to work - though the contacts are read only - I get a server side error when adding or updating contacts, so it appears to still be issues at there end.

Thank you for response Alan. Can I change the status of conversation to “Not a problem”?

Apologies, yes - as far as I can see, the issue lies with Zoho. Though please do record the request to have Zoho as a known account type using IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV.  Thanks.