Zoho Account integration

I’ve been using eM Client for a while and I love how simple it is to setup a account especially a google / microsoft / apple account with all the calendars synced and the ability to create online meetings like with google meet.
At work I use Zoho as the email and calendar service, and I would love to be able to set it up as simply as with other providers and have all the nice features like creating online meetings that generates a Zoho Meeting link and everything.

Is it possible to add that to a next update or is Zoho not providing all the necessary API’s / connexion features to make that possible ?

I used Zoho integration a year ago with eMClient with no problem for both email and calendar. These two links should help:

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thanks ! I saw those articles and they helped a lot, but adding this way my account does not give me a Zoho Meeting integration, or my contacts or Zoho directory integration and other little features that, stacked up, allow me to only use Em Client for an account as I do with Google or Outlook.

I don’t use Zoho as much as before but I know for sure that integration with eMClient is not at a 100% level right now. For example, eMC does NOT support Zoho Meeting (yet!).

Yes, that’s the state of it right now, only the mosst important features are available like Email going in and out and simple Calendar events coming in and out.

Hope those more ‘little’ features will come soon !

Is it possible to integrate Zoho tasks with emclient? In the settings, they do have a Zoho calendar ID for Tasks… but when I try to integrate this in emclient using CALDAV, it just simply integrates the calendar & contact only.

In the tasks menu, the concerned account does not even show up? Am I doing something wrong here or this is feature won’t work at all?